Our 8.19.14 BB16 Podcast with Caleb’s Dad and Brothers

bbg podcast with caleb 8-19

Did you miss out on this weeks podcast with 3 of Caleb’s brothers and his dad?

If so, you really missed a treat!  We talked with his brother’s Cole, Justin and Blake, plus his dad Paul. What a great time we had with all 4 of them.  They kept us laughing the whole show!  We learned so much about Caleb and were floored to find out that most of Caleb’s “stories” are actually true, for the most part.   Take a listen and find out exactly how true some of them really are… especially the butt waxing story!  Oh yes, it happened and we got the full details of the whole thing!  Find out what they all think about Caleb falling for Amber and what they think about the game he’s playing and what moves they want to see him make and so much more!

I am totally loving this entire family and if you have a listen and get to know them the way we did last night, I have no doubt that you will see Caleb in a different light and actually get to understand him a bit better!

All you have to do is hit play… ENJOY!

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