Our 8.26.14 BB16 Podcast With Special Guests Tim & Jeni

BBG podcast tim jeni 8.26

Did you miss out on this weeks Podcast with Christine’s husband Tim and Nicole’s mom Jeni?

If so, you missed one of the best ones yet!  Christine’s husband Tim had a lot to say and most of it was very surprising and very enlightening!  Find out how he really feels about Cody, what he thinks about Christine’s game and if he thinks she is playing a good game or not.  After talking with Tim, I even started to believe that I actually might like Christine outside the house… imagine that!

Find out what Nicole’s mom thinks about Hayden and if she thinks they will be together after the show.  Also find out what both her parents thought about seeing Nicole kissing on national TV and who she thinks has been targeting Nicole since week 1 and is not happy with at all!

This show is jam packed with great insight into the people that Christine and Nicole are in real life outside the pressure cooker we all know as the game of Big Brother!

Have a listen…

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