A Day in Lockdown

It’s amazing at times to watch these people try to occupy their time while they are on lockdown aside from the usual boredom and napping.  To pass time earlier today Michelle and Nicole decided to check to see if the Paris room was open, and to their surprise….IT WAS!!  They both went scrambling through the tunnel and once there, they wondered how long it would be before they would be missed….Michelle estimated 30 minutes, turns out was only 5 – lol – James tried it and wallah….it’s Open-Says-Me and he made his grand entrance.  It wasn’t long before Paulie, Victor, Paul & Corey found their way in too.  They’ve figured out that’s the room that was used in previous seasons as the extra HOH room ((hmm…nice sneaky spot to spy at just the right time, if done right).

2016-07-29_2129 2016-07-29_2202 2016-07-29_2134


Little Nicole even discovered a small television in the tunnel to watch the action….if any of them are smart, I would make my bed to look like I’m sleeping and hide upstairs behind the phone booth (if there’s space) and when someone goes into HOH, I’d slide right on down and take a listen…




So, whenever everyone got bored and too hot they started making their way out to mingle and giggle in the kitchen area and bathroom as well.  It’s Paul’s time to pull a prank, so he put shaving cream in Michelle’s tea/coffee and she took a swig and went running to the kitchen coming back with fake apples and smacked him a good one which got her called into the diary room.  He said it hurt, but not that bad mainly just left a whelt.  So poor Michelle is all uspset because she didn’t mean to hurt him and comes out of the Diary Room Crying because she felt so bad.  Paul assures her he’s fine and let’s just move on from this and forget about it.  So, Paul gets called to the Diary Room while Victor is just getting ready  to eat a whole pizza (as a dare) in 5 minutes ((took him much longer)).  While Paul was gone, he missed the grand event, but the girls (Michelle) pranked him again by putting salt in his water.  So, then since that prank didn’t work Paul and Paulie thought it would be a good idea to sneak in on James and scare him….Total Flop too.






I guess after that mission failed, Paul had another concoction up his sleeve…..He went to he HOH room and came down wearing Nicole’s Sport’s Bra she left in his bathroom…so after a little modeling sesh it’s back to the DR for him.


I have to say in the beginning I really didn’t know what to think of the guy, but he grows on me more and more every day.  There doesn’t seem to be a thing he won’t do or at least attempt to do at any given time, yes he his playing this game and playing it hard….he has all his ducks in a row, he’s a very smart guy.  So then, most have gone to bed, but Paulie told Zakiyah he was sleeping with Paul tonight and she could sleep with Michelle.  The way he told her hurt her feelings and makes her doubt their little fairytale relationship that much further, so her and Michelle are in the Narobi room talking about it, while Paulie and Paul are talking about it upstairs as well.  Paul is trying to make him see he’s going to have to fake, fake,fake until they are ready to cut her loose or they stand the risk of her spilling everything she knows to the others whereby putting his game in jeopardy.  So there they sit across from each other trying to make each other see the feelings were meant to be felt.  Paulie looks like a Mobster talkin to her and she’s just taking it.  I will make a solid prediction right now….THIS relationship won’t last 5 minutes after they walk out that door.


2016-07-30_0514 2016-07-30_0516

In the end, they hug it out…AGAIN, and both went their separate ways.  Of course under the sheets there’s the nightly evening show with Nichole & Corey.  I swear that girl didn’t come her to win $500,000.00, she came to win a husband!!



And, finally, the last highlight of the evening was Michelle talkting to herself in the bathroom waiting for Zakiyah saying things like “Tomorrow, I’m going on a diet….how can I be a nutrishionist when I can’t even control my own eating habits,  I bet my sisters think I’m the fatest blob ever, I’ve never been this big before in my life!!  Maybe DR will give me some ALLI pills in the morning, I am so discusted with  myself I can’t stand doing some of the competitions in bathing suits, it doesn’t feel good,  She also said, I should of just colored my hair the way I like it before I came her, and finished off with I’m just a stupid, loud, not funny, piece of shit!!!”  Finally, she took her pity party to bed….2016-07-30_0544


COREY it has been determined, he does not like Victor and wants him gone ASAP.  He says he’s trying to hold his tongue, but it’s getting harder and harder every week….

Cant wait to see what tomorrow brings….until then, tell me what you think of these shenanigans these kids pull,  sometimes they are so funny, I laugh so hard….James is playing pretty low key this year ((so far))