A NEW Alliance (Again)



Ladies and Gentlemen, Your New Court Jester….er, I mean HOH!!!  Finally an HOH competition the feedsters were allowed to watch.  After almost 2 full hours of beasting the comp, little Nat-Nat gave Victor a run for his money.  (He has the blister’s to prove it, 15 to be exact – lol –  he counted).  She was so disappointed, and frankly so was I, because I was hoping to see a game change and she wanted it so badly.  But, alas….no game change this week.  Victor was very cordial to everybody whilst showing off his HOH room and goodies with everyone, but boy oh boy the second the last person left (Zakiya), leaving THE BOARDS MEN ~ Victor, Paul and Paulie ((New name requested by the Exec himself, aka CEO)), names were flying right & left like the flying Jetson Cars of yesteryear and/or maybe, future…whatever.  I think Zakiya is the target, but Victor has NO problem putting Natalie on the block with her.  They’re also pondering the idea of James too!!!  (Time to Play, JAMES).  Eventually, after an hour or so of game talk, the boys (Paul & Paulie)…in order to look inconspicuous – HA!, decided to go downstairs and give Victor a moment to himself and “check-in” with the other houseguest’s.  (They’re planning on going back up after they make their rounds) – Victor’s drinking some of his beers so they may be in for a surprise when they return….Paulie went straight to Zakiya and told her Victor’s head is so big right now, and that he’s told them HE know’s what he wants to do and not to even bother him with scenario’s…Paulie’s got her good and paranoid right now.  He also told her Victor said while he was outside the house he told people if he got back in, he was going to be dirty because that’s what America wanted.  (In so many words), so why not give them what they want.  He’s got her convinced he doesn’t know a thing, and it only helped his game play when Paul came into the room and said basically the same thing.  They’ve also relayed this information to Nicole and Corey as well.


2016-08-04_2151 2016-08-04_2138


Earlier,  Michelle was visibly upset by the way the vote went and know’s Nicole betrayed her trust.  Nicole made up a nice little story to tell her about Day telling her this and that, and after gaining Corey’s approval, she went to pitch the apology to her.  Michelle was so hurt that Nicole didn’t tell her “those” things and was crying quite heavily about it.  Somehow, that little man hungry vixen was able to convince her they were still best buds….Nicole is a pretty good liar, (not a great game player, but a good liar nonetheless).  I think I’m beginning to see a pattern here with that little hand gesture she does, I do believe that’s a good way to tell when she’s lying…..hmmm!




Now that they have a little alone time, Zakiya is desparately trying to have a deep conversation by baiting him into telling her how he feels about her.  Of course, he’s not taking the bait and has a come back for everything she says.  Clearly, she doesn’t know how to flirt because Paulie has FOR SURE been around the block more than a few times.  She has a very hard time trying to spit out exactly what she’s thinking, always beating around the bush to avoid saying what she really feels.  They’ve been alone for the better part of over a half hour and it’s taken her this long to say….”I don’t know, maybe I have a huge crush on you”.  It’s very obvious Paulie is not one bit interested, because he’s answering her in very short, to the point answers.  She told him “If I didn’t like you, I sure wouldn’t invest my time on you…..Know That”!!  It’s about that time they were interupted by drunk Victor who promptly gave Paulie the exit he was waiting for.  He’s gone to shower and Paul and drunk Victor are in the Hirasiku (sp) room with Nicole, Corey, Michelle, Bridgette and Zakiya shooting out rhyming raps back and forth.  It’s 3 am their time at the moment and this is all the scoop I’ve got for the time being so, on that note I will close with a Stay Tuned for more soon….