It’s been 10 days since my last post and literally, really? did it matter? The whole week might as well have never happened since Victor was evicted and battled his way back into the house. I will say this past week was the week of nakedness and pranks!


As Paulie baked his final pie he removed his pants because of some horse play between the boys…And Big Meech accidentally pulled her bathing suit bottoms down before entering the hot tub.  She realized it, but whoops….too late!  lol  Also, during shower time, Nicole tried to prank Corey but the best she could do was take all the towels from his reach and running away because Corey told her “I’m coming out naked cause I don’t care”.  So, he did….


For the record, Victor and Paul were on the Block and Paul won POV taking himself down and being replaced with Corey ((not that any of that matters now)).  Paul immediately went on the defensive and stopped talking to everyone for a few days, then tried and may have succeeded ((who knows in this game)) in making an alliance with Nicole and Corey since he knew Victor was most likely going to be evicted.  That didn’t stop James and Natalie from playing the prank game…James went on a Vaseline binge putting it on most of the door handles only intentially after Natalie, but turned out he got Michelle, Victor and a few other’s with the HOH door handle.  Natalie put a pie in Jame’s bed, but was called out for it, so she was bummed and kept calling “it’s no fair”, “why does James get to do anything he wants, and I can’t do anything”.  She did manage to get away with putting Icy Hot on his deodorant stick, but I haven’t seen the outcome of that yet….sigh!  Corey gave her a great suggestion, and I’m sure they are going to do it, but haven’t yet….she’s going to tell James to hide in the trash can in the storage room to prank Corey, then her and Corey are going to Saran Wrap him in it.

Tuesday night was a really fun night for them…it started innocently enough with Nicole pranking Corey in the shower with Baby Powder (at first) and him getting her back with shampoo and conditioner, when James chimed in with cups of flour, tag teaming Nicole to do the same…whereby making it difficult for Corey to do anything.  He was in the Shower FOREVER before James was called to Diary Room and told to ease up with the flour because it could cause the drain to clog since it doesn’t dissolve very quickly when wet.

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Needless to say the mess afterwards was hardly worth the 30 minutes of fun time since it took James and Nicole over an hour to clean it all up.  All I can say is, I sure am glad I’m not in that house with James.  His wheels are ALWAYS turning…

Now, we start over when Victor was evicted (we fans already knew what was going to happen) he was surprised when Julie told him “suppose I told you, you have another chance to get back into the house”?  He was soooo shocked and Happy he could hardly contain himself.  It was the wonderful wall competition first to fall from the returning Juror’s was Zahkiya & Davonne who held hands and just jumped off leaving everyone scratching their heads, next was Bridgette, then Paulie leaving Victor to be the returning houseguest….Bragging rights – A new BB record has just been made for the history books- – – twice evicted and twice returned.

Now, we wait for Nicole’s HOH reveal to start this last week over.  I can’t wait to see if she stays true to James or listen’s to the stories Corey is going to bring to her from Paul and Victor telling him Paulie said James was working with them all along.  I think she and hopefully Corey, will see right through it.  Meech currently is having her own personal pity party on Cam 4 at 1:27 am BB Time.  Pretty much she’s putting herself down AGAIN….about to cry….AGAIN.

Finally, it’s HOH reveal time…everyone comes up, Nicole show’s off her pictures, checks out her basket, reads her “little” letter from her mom, then literally says…..”Well, thanks for coming up everybody” – Nobody moves – lol (Until she says “I’ll be right back, I’m just going downstairs to get my hair ties and stuff”.  The room completely emptied, but….already the scheming begins 1st up, PAUL!  I think James made a HUGE mistake letting Nicole have HOH, I could be wrong….but, who knows?


2016-08-26_03572016-08-26_0356 2016-08-26_0355_001


….And, it begins Paul & Victor are talking mad game to Nicole and Corey.  Nicole is skeptical saying (at first) saying “I wanna see what the Care Package is before I make any decisions”, then…on the other hand, she asks Paul “If I keep you safe this week, will you keep us – her & Corey – safe during the double eviction?”.  It’s going to be another crazy week!

More to come soon, Ta Ta for Now……………MommaT