Amanda HASN’T given up yet!!!

bb15 ginamarie amanda

With only 7 people left in the house (and 4 of them are alligned), the two people on the block HAVE to be Split Up Now!!!!  McCrae & Amanda are craaaaazy to think they have a chance in hell to wiggle out of eviction.  At 3:30pm BB Time, McCrae is upstairs telling Gina Marie he’s “thinking” of using his POV on Amanda ~ She’s given him some good advice but not an answer as to who will be the replacement nominee……………Yet!  At 6:30 pm…..Amanda went up to plead her case to Gina Marie too.  Oy Vey….She is literally Begging her to stay Hard Core.  In walks Elissa and saves Gina Marie from anymore useless game talk from Amanda.

10:00 pm’ish, BB Time……Amanda & McCrae go up to Gina Marie’s room one last time to get her to keep them over Elissa.  Amanda is so damn good with her words and scenario’s, she could almost convince me….BUT, This IS Big Brother….and Everyone is Lying!!!!!!!!!!!!  Finally, Amanda figures out she’s fighting a loosing battle and leaves McCrae behind.  Gina Marie and McCrae are talking about it and it seems McCrae totally understands….”Yeah, it sucks, I mean, I dunno….because, I dunno…yeah, I dunno”.  Meanwhile, Amanda is outside smoking like a chimney and talking with the boys, telling them something’s “Fishy”….and her Theory is Judd, Spencer, Gina Marie & Elissa are working together and they are coming after McCrae & Andy.  Continuing to say….She was Never personal with Anyone until they got personal with her, she’s going on to say how she has master minded the whole game, has notches under her belt, and knew who was going up and leaving every week, because SHE Played the game!!!  At least she didn’t Float all the way through, blah, blah, blahh…

Amanda seems to have accepted her defeat….but, since This Is BIG BROTHER, I am still expecting the un-expected….Even though she’s most likely staying on the block….ANYTHING can Still happen within the next 3 days ~ (….and, I wouldn’t at all be surprised if something happened in her favor)…

It’s still early in the BB House, but I technically don’t see anything else happening tonight since they ARE drinking and being civil to each other, so I’m calling it a night….




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