IS Amanda SAFE???

BB15 amanda safe

…..And so it is done, McCrae HAS taken himself OFF the Block!!  Now, we wait to see “IF” Amanda can figure out a way to have Spencer evicted instead of her ~ it’s unlikely, but possible…..


The above mentioned was written shortly After the POV Ceremony yesterday afternoon….I have spent the better part of at least 2 hours watching the feeds ~ Amanda  HAS gotten into Elissa’s ear telling her Spencer is gunning after her next, Elissa was called into the Diary Room…and when she came out, she went straight to Amanda and told her she was SAFE!!!  (12:47 am BB time)….just before going to bed, Elissa told Amanda she will give her WEDDING RING as collateral to seal the deal.  Elissa also tried to bring Andy in (who is agreeing with her, but he went straight to the exterminator’s with the information)….NO ELISSA, NO!!! ~ You’re husband is going to KILL you!!!!  Meanwhile, Gina Marie  has pulled Spencer up to her room and told him he’s going to be her Nick…and is going to show him a system her and Nick used to remember things, but has made him swear to secrecy about it.  Andy has already told the exterminator’s that when the vote is over he’s going to act totally surprised and call Elissa out to make McCrae think SHE was lying to them so he’ll target her next, should he win HOH during the double eviction.

So…..for the next two days we WILL be watching Andy, Elissa, Amanda & McCrae whispering and laughing it up, but the exterminator’s are Solid, and Elissa is going to lose her wedding ring – – – *sigh

More coming soon….


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