And We’re Off! Tears, Bullying & a lot of Cray Cray


We are starting out Big Brother 17 with total cray cray right out the gate!  We have tears, we have major attitude, we have bullying and we have Devin 2.0 all in the first week!  This is all great for us live feeder’s, because from the start, it’s been anything but boring, but not so good for the 3 people involved in all these antics.  Have these people never watched this show before? (I say this every year I know, you think they would learn)

But seriously Audrey, you had the support and respect of not only everyone in the house, but almost all the fans were rooting you on girlfriend, and you had to literally stir crap about everyone in there!  Big mistake… Huge!  Nobody can trust you (for good reason) so you are now enemy #1.  You are such a huge target that they want target #2 gone before you, because they know they can save you for later!  Truly sad situation, but I cannot blame the other HG’s on this one.

Let me back up to “target already gone”!  Jace, you left with pride and accepted defeat with your head held high and didn’t place any blame on anyone.  For that I give you props and I truly think it shows you are a decent guy deep inside. But your tactics to stay, picking on Steve not only didn’t work, but it ticked off most of the fans.  Not a good move and it cost you the game!  Enough said!

Now on to target #2, Davonne, girl you made a huge deal out of something very simple and if you truly put yourself in their shoes and saw one of them snooping around room to room, you would of gone off on them wanting to know exactly what they were up to! (Come on, you know she would of!) Everyone is paranoid like crazy because there is always a saboteur, America’s player, team America, and on and on.  So, she had to know she was busted and it didn’t look good.  So, my question is, when it was your own alliance, why not fess up and tell them you were just counting and getting ready for comps? Instead, she goes on total defense mode which made her own alliance feel really uncomfortable and feeling they needed to do damage control (this is partly Audrey’s fault as well for running and talking), but still!  Davonne, why did it never occur to you that you may have needed to do some damage control of your own because you were the one acting shady going from room to room?  Sadly that bit of cockiness has cost her the game and she is set to go home this week. I still believe she could turn this all around if she would just humble herself like the two guys did to her, but she is who she is and that will never happen because I don’t think she would swallow her pride even for $500,000.oo and I can actually respect her for that too!

Now it looks like Liz is going on the block as the replacement for Johnny Mac (since he won the POV).  Clay, who is the acting HOH, actually tried talking Johnny Mac out of using his POV and staying on the block as a pawn.  (ROFL, I couldn’t make this stuff up)  Johnny Mac is goofy as hell, but thank God, he ain’t stupid!  He absolutely told them NO WAY was he not taking himself off the block, LOL!  So, apparently Liz is the next best pawn that nobody will vote against that will ensure Davonne goes home.  Liz had a few tears last night, but she is pretty sure she’s safe, so her tears were very short lived.  (Did you catch the part I said about Clay being the “acting” HOH? Shelli can’t get a word in before Clay starts doing most of the talking!  Hey Shelli, you need to grow a pair!)

Now Davonne has actually been resigned to going home since not winning the POV, but we have a long way until Thursday and I can almost see a fuse burning inside her which I believe will blow sometime soon!  I must confess, I will be a bit disappointed if Davonne doesn’t go out with a bang and bust out a few alliances before she goes!  Come on mommaD… I know you want to!


Anyway, everyone needs to step away from BB even for just a little while and enjoy some fireworks with your families and loved ones!  Love you all and Happy July 4th everybody!



Addendum for 7/5/2015… Update is that Shelli has changed her mind, ooops I mean Clay!  Nah really it was Shelli, but she did clear it with Clay and all the others as well before she came to a complete decision, but it looks like Liz is no longer the replacement nominee and instead it will be Meg going on the block tomorrow.  Shelli states she feels much closer to Liz than she does Meg and she would feel completely horrible if something went wrong and Liz went home.  Meg seems to be OK with going up after Jeff and other’s from her alliance came and told her the change but only because she knows she’s safe. But this change has put ClaShell in a bad situation with people they think they are aligned with and they will totally be leaving the HOH with blood on their hands even knowing Meg will be safe.  There is also a chance, which the HG’s don’t even know about, that could potentially mess Meg’s safety up and that is this week’s twist of someone getting a phone call that will enable them to eliminate 3 people’s votes.  As of now, there have been no phone calls or even a phone anywhere in the house that we can see, so it will be very interesting to find out how the rest of this week goes!