Announcing our Big Brother Swag STORE!

superfan swag store banner

Great News Big Brother Superfans! We are super excited to announce the Grand Opening of our Big Brother Group Online Swag Store!

We are Superfan Joe, Superfan MissyZ and Superfan Juls, and as most of you know, we are uber superfans just like you who are solely dedicated to bringing you, the entire Big Brother superfan community, everything SWAG!  We all share a love for the show Big Brother and have an addiction that only us superfans can even understand, so we want to share in our love of the show and cater to the fans and give you what you want!

We had a great past season bringing you weekly podcasts where we interviewed many houseguests closest family members as well as getting to talk with our fans that called in and discussed everything that went on all season long. We also brought you daily updates on our blog, twitter & facebook of everything that was happening on the Live Feeds.  As you know, we are a group of very passionate people who are obsessed about Big Brother!

Though the season is over we are still thinking about our fans. We wondered what we could do for our superfans that you all would love. And then it hit us. Let’s give everyone the chance to have their very own Superfan Swag… to show the world their love of the game! And so the idea of a Big Brother Online Swag Store was born! We went to work designing our FIRST Big Brother T-shirt. We wanted it to be unique & about big brother but not actually say “Big Brother”. You must check it out to understand that the best part of wearing our Big Brother Tee is that only another superfan will be able to even “get” what our T-shirts mean!  It takes one to know one, ya know!

Also know that our Tee’s are good quality, yet we have done our best to make them affordable for all!  Plus, this is only the beginning for our online store, we have many more items to come in the near future! We want our fans to be involved… Let us know what you would like to see offered at our online store. Leave us a comment here or Tweet us or write us a message on our Facebook page or leave us a comment on our Google+ community page!

Are you ready to check out our brand new online Swag Store? Click on the banner below and get your own Big Brother SWAG!

big brother swag store banner