Are you ready for another ALLIANCE???

bb17 meg

Year in and Year out, I see people Swearing they are DONE with Big Brother!! I’m still not at that point yet, but I am clearly disappointed at the events of the evening….I mean, it’s like last week never happened – only difference is Vanessa is HOH. Ugh!!!   It seems there is some controversy over disqualification of Jackie for “sitting” on the disk, yet apparently….Vanessa did too and was allowed to win the competition?? Personally, in the back of my mind Vanessa IS the only candidate to WIN this game. She really is playing one hell of a game….unfortunately, she plans to put Meg & James (my favs) on the block and that makes me very sad. Talking with Austin and the twins, she seems adamant to remain loyal to them.

Meg & James had a talk with Vanessa, and James told her if she is considering putting them on the block….”Please” put me up instead of Meg, which instantly pulled Meg’s heartstrings and immediately she says “NO” and started crying. James, being the class act that he is, assures Vanessa that no matter what her decision…”we’ll be ok”. 2015-08-28_0203

It appears to me, and I might be wrong, but it’s looking more and more like Vanessa could possibly be building an alliance with Steve and Johnny Mac. All I know for sure is Somebody better be making some Big Moves and FAST!! They’re running out of people and there are still so many powerful player’s in the game. I think Vanessa would be making a mistake by putting up Meg & James together, if nothing else use them to get further. The way things are going, I can see some brutal game play coming up. After all, The twins cat claw’s have been sharpening all season.

Am I the only one who feels this way? I’d be interested to know…