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Big Brother watcher since Season ONE !! I love to gossip, screencap, spill rumors and share Everything Big Brother to other Big Brother Fans around the world. I’m a carefree kind of gal w/just a hint of sarcasm here and there. My intentions are NEVER to hurt anyone’s feelings, but often find I have (and for that I apologize ahead of time). Look at it this way, the houseguests make remarks that are hurtful at times too, but in the end…they are just people with a similar interest which IS the LOVE of the game BIG BROTHER. I am so very excited about this new web page and we are lucky to have Superfan MissyZ as a host.

On a personal sidenote, I am a mother (just like some of you) and also a grandmother. Please do not attack my family on my wall should I say something out of the ordinary, as I said….I do have a sarcastic (but friendly) side, and my intentions are Never meant to hurt anyone’s feelings.