BB15 Late Nite Feed Update 06/30

big brother 15 jeremy fight

ALCOHOL is the root of all EVIL!!!! Bwahahahaaaaa… happened, it finally happened! Alcohol was given to the houseguest’s approximately an hour before the “Have-Nots” were given the nod to eat and the whole house decided they would wait for them before opening any booze.  Let me set the stage, & Kaitlyn was very antsy and soon Aaryn joined in to complaining too, so Kaitlyn went into the kitchen and brought back ONE beer (the two of them literally shotgunned the damn thing), Soon Kaitylyn was called to the Diary room leaving Aaryn, David, & Jeremy behind in the room and Aaryn kept on with her rant, whining & complaining how bored she was and how the house was getting to her, and she got her period….blah, blah, blah.  Jeremy took it upon himself to go get the bottle of RED wine (hmm….knowing that was the particular one Elissa would want) and shared with all who could drink.  Himself, Aaryn, Jessie and saved a cup for Kaitlyn when she returned from the Diary Room.  As Kaitlyn was sipping her wine, Jeremy began boasting about what he’d done.  Kaitlyn Went OFF telling him how inconsiderate he was. Aaryn sided with Jeremy saying she didn’t feel bad about it either.  Fast forward an hour….The Have-Nots can EAT – – Hooray!!!  Whilst eating, Elissa asked “where is the red wine?”  Amanda came downstairs and said to them “look at everyone’s teeth”, (which Aaryn took that statement directly to Jeremy) who in turn came inside and went off on all who were trying to enjoy eating and drinking the white wine.  Everyone was stunned, and it affected Helen the most…meanwhile, moving on….another hour later Aaryn & Candice are having a rather heated conversation as well. Kaitlyn is Super pissed at Jeremy and told him he’s pretty much confirmed David’s fate now….check out the flashback beginning 11 pm BB time(but be prepared to spend a few hours viewing) – this HOUSE is Cray-Cray!!!!!!!!!


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