BB15 Late Nite Live Feed Update 06/29

big brother 15 cast hot tub

Interesting evening in the Big Brother House…The houseguests Finally got ALCOHOL!!!  Those who could drink huddled in and around the hot tub, some getting quite cozy and touchy.  Spencer had a clever idea, NEVER thought of… he wrapped a beer in Aluminum Foil, put it in a bowl in the refrigerator for Judd when he’s no longer a have-not and free to drink ~ lol – His words were “Nobody will look in here”…I’ll be keeping a close eye on that fridge in the coming days!!

Elissa went to bed early, followed shortly by McCrae and Amanda but not Before McCrae & Jeremy had a little “Pow Wow” in the Storage Room in reference to yet another alliance…Jeremy, McCrae, Kaitlyn, Amanda and Nick to final five…they shook on the deal, but we’ll see how long that lasts.

bb15 showmance Looks like there is Definately Three (3) Showmances this year:  McCrae/Amanda, David/Aaryn, & Jeremy/Kaitlyn. Gina Marie is trying to make everyone “think” her and Nick have a little sumthin sumthin going on too… Question is “Will they?”

Interesting Fact I learned tonight….Never, Ever, NEVER sit on a Texan’s Hat!! ~ Apparently, it’s disrespectful according to Aaryn.  Aaryn went on a rampage asking “Who sat on my Hat, it’s Flat”.  It was Candice…who, when she got wind of it confronted Aaryn in the backyard in front of Kaitlyn, Jeremy (who were trying to have a private kissy face moment) and Gina Marie.

That’s it for tonight folks, it’s sleepy time…


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