BB15’s Final 3: Spencer, Andy & GinaMarie

bb15 final 3 spencer andy ginamarie

Boy what a week, huh?  I hope everyone was able to survive the feeds being cut for well over 24 hours (more like 36??).  I didn’t miss them too terribly…although,  I have to admit to having a little withdrawal breakdown late Tuesday Night ~ But, I picked myself up, brushed myself off and moved on to other “things”  (I’ll leave you to ponder whatever that may be…). I have to say it Helped that, as usual, someone LEAKED the information of Tuesdays events…going out of her way to prove she was there and saw it all – – – will it Finally be enough for CBS to see the information IS going to get out, so why not just leave the feeds on for their paying viewer’s???

It was tough to watch Judd leave on Wednesday and even tougher to see Andy win not only HOH but POV as well.  Luckily McCrae did not win POV this time around so his fate was a sealed deal.  It was gracious of the Exterminator’s to clue him in on the game plan and he left with his head held high.  It took them Forever to start part 1 of the HOH competition, and one can only speculate why….perhaps Spencer had to learn how to skate by practicing and falling frequently until they finally just got him positioned, or maybe even because Spencer said Julie was smashed tonight, slurring her words (sorry, no flashback time….I was taken aback by what he said after that) which was “I guess if you’re banging the President of CBS it’s okay”….cut to fish!!!  But, Alas….in due time the competition started and was on the live feed for all to see (All…..10 mins??  of it!!  I’m not kidding….shortest endurance comp in awhile)…

So here we are Final 3; Spencer, Andy & Gina Marie and we’ve reached the point in the game that watching them is like watching paint dry.  Good time to catch up on flashbacks I suppose.  Looks like maybe two days of lounging and then part 2 to unfold on Sunday night!.  We’re down to the wire, just a few days left.  Many will say YAY….worst season ever….never going to watch again….etc.  How about next summer when Season 16 makes it’s debut???  hmmm…..

Ta Ta For Now…………….MOMMA-T

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