BBG’s Official BB16 Schedule

big brother 16 finale

The Big Brother 16 premiere is fast approaching and I know everyone is wondering when CBS will start rolling out the videos, photos and houseguest bios. Unfortunately Big Brother hasn’t provided us with an official schedule so I will give you our own official BB16 schedule but I can’t promise any of my dates are accurate. Oh well… expect the unexpected right? 😉 So here it is:

Friday June 6th: We hear it will be Media Day in the BB16 house. If you don’t know, Big Brother invites some media folk to play a mock game for the day. They are usually a very competitive bunch.

Saturday June 14th: The BB16 houseguests will be kidnapped and brought to a local hotel. Each one will be hanging out alone. They will watch old big brother season videos, wondering who their fellow houseguests will be and some will devise a plan to win the $500k.

CONFIRMED – Wednesday June 18th: The official BB16 house pics will be revealed and Julie Chen will give us a tour of the house on Entertainment Tonight. Also check out Julie Chen on ‘the talk’. She will be announcing this seasons twist. She has already tweeted that it will be the twistiest of all seasons. Verizon TV Channel Guide   TV Listings, Verizon Channel Lineup

Thursday June 19th: The new BB16 Houseguests will be revealed. We will see their photos, bios & interview videos. They also feature all the new houseguests in a short segment on the ‘CBS This Morning’ show.

Friday or Saturday – June 20th or 21st: The new BB16 houseguests move into the house! The game officially starts!

Tuesday June 24th: We will premiere our new Podcast show called “Eviction Prediction Call in show” at 9pm EST on We will provide a link and phone number on that day.

***An UPDATE based on A CBS Big Brother email:

Big Brother will debut in HD with a special two-night premiere:
-Wednesday June 25th from 8pm – 9pm EST
-Thursday June 26th from 9pm – 10pm EST

Also on Thursday night, Big Brother After Dark will premiere on TVGN.
It will air 7 nights a week as follows:
-Monday & Tuesday from 11pm – 2am EST
-Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 12am – 2am EST
-Thursday from 1am – 3am EST

Also on Thursday night, The Big Brother Live Feeds will begin at 1am EST!

Sunday June 29th: The 1st Sunday show at 8pm EST

Thursday July 3rd: The 1st Live eviction show at 9pm EST

The Regular CBS Show Schedule will be Sunday at 8pm, Wednesday at 8pm and Thursday at 9pm.

9/15/14 UPDATE:

The Official Big Brother 16 Finale Schedule:

Tuesday Sept 16th at 8pm ET – Special eviction episode – Down to the FINAL 4!

Wednesday Sept 17th at 8pm ET – Live Eviction – Down to the FINAL 3!

Friday Sept 19th at 8pm ET – BB will probably use this special airing to reminisce about bb16!

FINALE – Sept 24 from 9:30 – 11:00 ET – Who will win BB16?

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