Beverly Hillbillies In The House!

Bevery hillbillies of big brother 15

Beverly Hillbillies In The House! by Julsy

As some of you may know from my Fan Recap Show with MissyZ last year that I am from North Carolina and have a very southern twang. So, first thing I noticed after watching all the new house guest’s interviews was that so many of them are from the deep south! Did you redneckognize that like I did? I am thinking that because of the popularity of all the “redneck” type shows lately that Big Brother wanted to jump on the “good ole boy” train like Honey Boo Boo, Duck Dynasty, Myrtle Manor and so many more!
I for one am a very happy camper because I do love me some southern boys and I cannot wait to see Howard shirtless with his Mississippi born hot bod! Now let’s talk about Judd, if he ain’t just the boy next trailer over, I don’t know what is! He seems like he is going to be a sweetheart for sure though. Then there is Spencer who looks like he works hard for the money, but as it turns out, he drives trains. Now what little southern boy didn’t want to grow up and do that? Next up is Jeremy, now isn’t he just the cutest thang? But I would like to mess up that hair a bit! Now in addition to these boys, we have 4 girls from the south as well, so that is a grand total of 8 hillbillies in the house… Can I get a YeeeeHawwww?!?!?!
Ok so let me wrap this up by being the first to throw it out there… Since I was noticing accents and all, did you hear the accents of Kaitlin and McCrae? Here it comes… wait for it… I THINK THEY COULD BE TWINS! They have the exact same accent, they are the same age and from the same state. Hmmmm how fast are you going to rush and look at their pics again? LOL, they couldn’t possibly be identical, but they very well could be fraternal twins? What a great twist that would be huh? We obviously didn’t get our mother/son twist, but this would be even better if they can pull it off, at least for a while, but then again, I could only be making stuff up and just starting more rumors, but it is so fun trying to figure this stuff out and just what if it true? You heard it here first!

Until next time… Ya’ll come back now… Ya hear!

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