Big Brother 15’s Amanda Zuckerman

big brother 15 Amanda Zuckerman

BB15 – Amanda Zuckerman



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Amanda Zuckerman is a 28 year old Real Estate Agent from Boynton Beach, Florida. Amanda describes herself as being honest, inappropriate, and having shock value! She is a casual viewer, stating she loved some seasons and didn’t care about others; however, she loves the overall concept of the series. Amanda also admits to having “diarrhea of the mouth”,  but also feels that she’s a good listener. She also hopes to lay low in the beginning of the game with the goal of forming bonds with her fellow HouseGuests. Despite this, she claimed she doesn’t like it when floaters make it to the end. Lastly, she hopes that the viewers will root for her as she is honest, blunt, and promises to play a strong strategic game for us all to enjoy!

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