Big Brother 15’s Elissa Slater

big brother 15 Elissa Slater

BB15 – Elissa Slater AKA Rachel Reilly’s Sister



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Elissa Slater is a 27 year old nutritionist and married mom from Kannapolis, North Carolina. Elissa was definitely one of the most talked about HouseGuests before she was even revealed! She’s the sister of BB alum Rachel Reilly, who is most notable for winning the thirteenth season. Despite their similar voice, physical appearance, and body language, the two aren’t that similar. Elissa hopes to focus on a social game, and thinks her ability to make people feel comfortable talking to her could help her out in the game. Elissa hopes to hide the fact that she is Rachel’s sister from her fellow HouseGuests, however, she won’t deny it if she is confronted by the group. She hopes to be a Fan Hero this season rather than a villain, and hopes to win for both her social and competitive achievements.  Elissa thinks we should root for her because she is a lighthearted party girl who nobody will take seriously, but she’ll be a strong gameplayer.

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