Big Brother 15’s Jessie Kowalski

big brother 15 Jessie Kowalski

BB15 – Jessie Kowalski




My San Antonio

Jessie Kowalski is a 25 year old from San Antonio, Texas. Jessie is currently unemployed, and feels that not having a job to worry about will help her fully focus on the game. She describes herself as being a hardcore fan, and has a love for the game. Jessie admits to being used to being the center of attention, and thinks being a competitive overachiever will help her advance through the competition. Jessie’s goal is to be a fierce competitor with a strong social game, and thinks that winning the first Head of Household competition could potentially put her in one of the best spots in the game. Jessie thinks that the viewers should root for her because she’s a strong competitor who will do her best to entertain us!

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I'm Seth! I'm 18 years old, and I'm a huge Big Brother fan, obviously. I've been watching since Big Brother 5 way back in 2004, and who would have thought it would become my Summer obsession?! The only thing funner than watching Big Brother is getting to blog about it for all of the readers! I'm so excited to be blogging for Big Brother Group again after previously doing it for Big Brother 14, and I hope that we can all enjoy the Big Brother season together!

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