Big Brother Babble With MissyZ – Episode 5

big brother babble episode 5

Here we are in just week 2 of Big Brother 15 and all is absolutely CRAZY in the BB15 house! This new season has brought lots of controversy & showmances and of course MissyZ is on it and ready to bring you all up to speed. During her new episode of Big Brother Babble, she breakdown who has been saying what and trust me, it just isn’t pretty. She also gives you the dirty little details about the various showmances and no-mances. She tells you her who is favorite houseguest so far, who will probably go home this week and who she hopes goes home soon. She also talks about the current HOH, Aaryn, and how she believes Jeremy & Aaryn cheated during the HOH competition. She cover lots more and you just need to check out her video to find out. Enjoy!

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