Big Brother Live Chat Show with Jeff Schroeder

big brother live chats

You all know America’s Favorite Big Brother Player Jeff Schroeder, right? The guy who was in a showmance with Jordan Lloyd on Big Brother season 11 and 13? I know you do! Well it looks like Jeff has been very busy these days… The last time we saw him, he was promoting the BIG BROTHER LIVE FEEDS for CBS. Yes… Jeff has found a new job and will be hosting a brand new Big Brother Show on called “Big Brother Live Chats”. Every Thursday he will be interviewing the latest evicted houseguest for exclusive insight into everything going on inside the house. Now in the video below he tells us that his new show will premiere on Thursday July 11th at 3pm EST/ 12pm PST. Huh? Isn’t the first houseguest evicted on Wednesday July 3rd? Is there another twist we don’t know about? I guess we will soon find out. In the mean time, don’t forget to mark your calendars for Jeff’s very first LIVE CHAT show on July 11th! But wait… Before you go… what do you think about Jeff’s new show? Do you think Jeff will do a good job interviewing the evicted houseguests?

UPDATE: Jeff’s LIVE CHAT show will now be every friday at 3pm EST.

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