Big Brother Most Valuable Player

Big Brother 15 most valuable player

Exclusive Breaking News!!!!

Big Brother Group is FIRST to let you all know that we have discovered what this season’s Twist is! We now know what Julie Chen was hinting about on the BB15 House Tour video! We have found out how Big Brother Fans we be influencing the Big Brother Game! Are you excited? We were when we discovered this news! So this is it… Big Brother Fans will be playing a HUGE role in this season of  Big Brother 15! will be announcing later today that there will be a new POWER PLAYER in the house! The Big Brother Most Valuable Player! And the fans get to choose who it is going to be EVERY WEEK! Tomorrow (Thursday) Big Brother will be  releasing photos and bios of this seasons Big Brother Houseguests and soon after that we will be given the chance to pick one of them to be the 1st Big Brother MVP. big brother 15 MVP

I LOVE IT!! Now I don’t exactly know what that means yet but I’m am definitely looking forward to finding out! What do you all think about this season’s twist? Stay with Big Brother Group for more BREAKING NEWS later today! here is a little hint… it involves one of America’s most favorite players!!! 😉

UPDATE: has just released this Press Released:

The second twist will allow BIG BROTHER viewers to play a crucial role in the game by casting votes for the Houseguest they feel is playing the best game. The Houseguest who receives the most votes will be anointed that week’s, “Big Brother MVP.” The full scope of the MVP’s secret power will be revealed during the season premiere.

America will start casting their votes for this season’s first “Big Brother MVP” before the Houseguests even enter the game, beginning with a pre-premiere vote starting Thursday, June 20, following CBS’s cast announcement of the new Houseguests. Fans can visit to cast their vote.

“The Big Brother MVP will force the houseguests to rethink their strategies. With America rewarding good game play, it doesn’t pay to be a floater this summer,” said Allison Grodner and Rich Meehan, Executive Producers of BIG BROTHER.

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