Big Brother Season 3: Trivia Contest

big brother season 3 trivia contest

Here is our Big Brother Season 3 Trivia Contest!

Sad news Big Brother Fans… Our Big Brother Season 2 trivia contest wasn’t a success because we don’t have a winner 🙁 It looks like it wasn’t as easy as the first one was. Oh well… so since we don’t have a winner, here are the correct answers:

#1 In season 2 What name did Mike Boogie call the nomination box? Answer- The box of fate……………..
#2 In Season 2 Which HG ended up with a sleeping bag for a bed? Answer- Kent……………..
#3 In Season 2 What was the name of the game they played in the hot tub? Answer-Dirty Bakers Dozen……….
#4 In Season 2 What color were Bunky’s balloons in the Great Escape Competition? Answer- Green………..
#5 In Season 2 What animal was on the yellow crossing sign BB hung in the backyard? Answer- Cow…………….

Well, you now have another chance to win. But First… Here is the very simple rule:

The FIRST person to answer EVERY question correctly **in the comments section below** will WIN our Big Brother Group SWAG! Simple enough right? Well, it will be if you are a SuperFan. Are you ready? Get Set! GO!

#1 In Big Brother Season 3: In one of the Luxury Competitions the HGs had to find missing items from inside the house… how many items were missing?
#2 In Big Brother Season 3: In the Architectural Digestion Competition what was the house made out of that the HGs had to eat?
#3 In Big Brother Season 3: Which HG was deemed The Lizard King?
#4 In Big Brother Season 3: In the America’s Vote Competition, what was the color of the human bowling ball the HGs had to get inside of?
#5 In Big Brother Season 3: What CD did Roddy get in his HOH basket?

Come back tomorrow night around 6pm EST and find out if we have a winner! And just as in the last contest, I will post a brand-new list of trivia questions for Big Brother Season 4. By the way, please don’t play if you already won Big Brother Group SWAG. We ask that you give someone else a chance to win. 😉 Thanks & Good Luck to everyone!