Big Brother Season 4: Trivia Contest

big brother season 4 trivia contest

It’s Time for our Big Brother Season 4 Trivia Contest

Three Season’s down and 11 to go. Are you ready for our Big Brother Season 4 trivia contest? But first… Our BB Season 3 trivia contest was a success and we thank everyone who participated. So now for the results… we have a Winner this time and his name is Ryan Metalfan! Congrats Ryan! MissyZ will send you a facebook message asking you for your address. Enjoy our SWAG and don’t forget to post a photo wearing it on our Big Brother Group Facebook Page 😉

I hope you guys and gals are having fun with our contests. So next we have some really difficult Big Brother Season 4 questions! Or are they difficult? Let’s see if one of you can answer them all. But first… (I love saying that) In case you are new to our trivia rules, here is our very simple rule to win:

The FIRST person to answer EVERY question correctly **in the comments section below** will WIN our Big Brother Group SWAG! Got it? Are you ready? Get Set! GO!

#1 In Big Brother Season 4: Who did Jun say was the ‘Queen of the BB House’?
#2 In Big Brother Season 4: What were the names of the 2 tortoises?
#3 In Big Brother Season 4: What name did Jack say he was going to name his pink rubber duck?
#4 In Big Brother Season 4: What color were the chairs around the kitchen table?
#5 In Big Brother Season 4: Which HG said that the house was divided into 2 sides ‘good vs evil’?

What do you think? Do you know the answers? I’m sure you do 😉 Come back tomorrow night around 6pm EST and find out if we have a winner! I will also be posting a brand-new list of questions for Big Brother Season 5. Now don’t worry if you don’t win because you will have more chances to win! By the way, please don’t play if you already won Big Brother Group SWAG. Please give someone else a chance to win. Tks.