Big Brother Season 5: Trivia Contest

big brother season 5 trivia contest

Are you ready for our Big Brother Season 5 Trivia Contest?

Once again I have sad news for all you Big Brother Fans… Our Big Brother Season 4 trivia contest has stumped you all and we don’t have a winner. πŸ™ It looks like it was a little too difficult and since we don’t have a winner, I must let you know the correct answers:

#1 In Season 4 Who did Jun say was the Queen of the BB House? Answer- Herself ( Jun)……..
#2 In Season 4 What were the names of the 2 tortoises? Answer- Cuff and Link……
#3 In Season 4 What name did Jack say he was going to name his pink rubber duck? Answer- Precious……
#4 In Season 4 What color were the chairs around the kitchen table? Answer- Yellow……
#5 In Season 4 Which HG said that the house was divided into 2 sides good vs evil? Answer- Erika

Thanks for everyone who tried to answer our trivia questions! Next up is our Big Brother Season 5 trivia questions. But First… Here is our very simple rule to win:

***Answer all the following questions correctly! πŸ˜‰ The FIRST person to answer EVERY question correctly **in the comments section below** will WIN our Big Brother Group SWAG! Simple enough right? Well, it will be if you are a Big Brother SuperFan. Are you ready? Get Set! GO!

#1 In Big Brother Season 5: What 2 items did Holly leave Jase when she left the BB House?
#2 In Big Brother Season 5: The Last Group of HGs that entered the house had to sleep on beds made out of what?
#3 In Big Brother Season 5: How many HGs were in the Horseman Alliance?
#4 In Big Brother Season 5: What did the HGs win in the 1st Luxury Competition?
#5 In Big Brother Season 5: On Day 56 Who became the 2nd member of the Jury?

Now those look like easy questions πŸ˜‰ Make sure you check back tomorrow night around 6pm EST and find out if we have a winner! And just like our last contest, I will post a brand-new list of trivia questions for Big Brother Season 6. By the way, please don’t play if you already won Big Brother Group SWAG. We ask that you give someone else a chance to win. πŸ˜‰ Thanks & Good Luck to everyone!

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