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If you are a Big Brother Super fan you will know who is Janelle Pierzina. If you don’t know then you should just leave this post and go back to playing Angry Birds 😉 Anyway… I recently joined a new social network called Beamly. I know… do we really need another social network? Well yes and no but before I get into why I joined and what it has to do with Janelle, I’d like to tell you what Beamly is. This is from their website:

Beamly is the social and content network for TV.

Founded in 2011, Beamly (formerly zeebox) has grown from small beginnings in a front room in London to a global business employing 120 passionate engineers, designers and editors in New York, London and Sydney – with backing from Comcast, NBCUniversal, Viacom, BSkyB and Network TEN, and partnerships with some of the world’s leading broadcasters and channels.

Beamly brings together cutting-edge technology and the creative energy of stars, programme-makers, superfans and journalists to create the ultimate destination for TV lovers.

It’s fun. It’s addictive. And best of all, it’s totally free on iOS, Android and the web.

Now typically I wouldn’t be interested in another social network but what’s interesting about this one is that many big brother alumni have joined it. And there is a BB16 room where past house guests are posting their thoughts AND actually replying to our comments. That is a bit different from following them on twitter and facebook because we typically don’t get a reply. Now you can argue that it’s the same thing but I find beamly to be very different and intriguing. Speaking of intriguing… let me get back to Janelle. She recently posted a “Twist wish list” for BB16. I recently posted one myself a few weeks ago (Will BB16 be the Twistiest of all big brother seasons?!?!) and because of all the hype about it, I thought you all would like to know what her list is:

Janelle Pierzina posted:

Twist wish list:

Bring back Americas Player, but have a different person every week.
Give America a vote in the final 2
Put a secret pair in the house that knows each other
Put a pair of exes in the game that hate each other
Let the HOH play for power every week! Floaters will have to grab a life vest for that one! ;D

What are some twists that you want to see?

There are quite a few interesting comments and other twist ideas. Here are a few I really like:

Matt Polson posted:

I like the twist that BB Canada did and I think that the BB US version do the same…have America be HOH for a week and nominate two houseguests.

Xavier posted:

I want them to do a twist like canada and hide a secret POV!

Now this fan really has an opinion:

C Spottswood posted

Alright because I did not answer this the first time with anything concrete I will go with a senseless twist. All players are blind folded and wear headphones when entering the house, with that in mind they pick the room they will stay in for the rest of the game. When a room is filled the headphones will pulse and every one will learn their room assignment and who they live with. Each person will come in wearing little or nothing and no luggage so the clothing toiletries and food they want they must find in the game. The first competition will present a costume so that will please the censors. Unfortunately all contests will be sticky gritty, slippery or wet, so outfits will me spoiled soon and often. HOH will immediately nominate two people for eviction. To make it completely fair only these three will compete to see who chooses who goes home that day. If HOH wins, then and only then does he get the key to the HOH Lounge, not room as that would defeat the point of picking your room senseless. The lounge of course would serve as a refuge with food, and everything but the bed.
And now the HOH option, should you win HOH and not want the position, there is a button in the room once punched frees you to go back to your room in exchange for a prize that is either in or out the game and you have to choose which as one could be a trip or a color tv and the other could be anything from a veto to another vote to a party to clothing to a visitor inside the house. Of course there is the problem of who gets to be HOH and that is solved with the room swap, meaning you use the option you have to swap your room with a person of your choosing so you take their bed from then on and they get yours, not a good deal if you already have the best room and do not like your room mates. Assuming we get through day one people are taught that this is not a free ride season so to make some cents out of this activities will be posted all over the place to earn money for food clothing and so on. The crazier or more difficult the task the greater the pay and the more you can get with your BB cash. Of course live feeders will be watching this 24/7.The storage room will serve as an automat where you buy what you want or can afford. No sharing of money is allowed.Second HOH competition all can compete given the aforementioned Option and the game goes back closer to what people expect only no Have Nots as technically everyone but HOH is a Have Not and food/luxury comps will alternate with surprise inspections from past winners/celebrities who can tell you to do anything they want, yoga, dancercize, whatever. and depending on their mood they can reward you with bonuses or penalize you with taxes. And then comes the dreaded Vetos, not necessarilly competition so all may find them, some real some fake some only work on others, some only work on yourself, some will work on more than one, and one may work up until the final three. Once used a veto can be recycled in the house or not. It is up to America to decide. America will also decide the order of Visiting Inspectors but not the timing as all are surprise visits. And of course to make absolute scents of this season it would be played in odorama where America also gets to choose a scent to be pumped in the house, skunk, wet dog, jasmine, white linen what ever it may be. Oh yes is the sent from on high power which allows you to take a player of your choosing and sub them out for a past player of America’s choosing.

And last but not least no one leaves the house for jury, in other words the jury stays in the house to the bitter end and sees everything they can see but they can no longer compete, and they no longer have to work. No sequester.

Now if this does not keep people glued to the screen I will invent some of the tortures and comps to do so.

Mu ah ha ha ha ha….

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