Bradford’s Big Brother Breakdown: Final Four – Marsha Madness!

bbcan2 breakdown

Hello, ‘Ford Fans, & welcome to a very, very brief, but very, very necessary edition of Bradford’s Big Brother Breakdown!

It was not an exciting three days in the Big Brother Canada House, but in order to give the finale the attention it deserves, I figured it was suitable to review the final 4; bear with me.


In the shocker of the season, Sabrina actually isn’t useless! She’s extremely lucky, she’s extremely annoying, and to emphasize this, SHE’S EXTREMELY LUCKY. She FINALLY won something, & not a moment too soon; her ass was on the way out the door, so she needed this win more desperately than ever before. That said, if she even makes final 2, I’ll be disappointed with this season.

This tweet was too perfect to not share:


FINALLY, a sexy host for a competition! If Peter doesn’t want Marsha, I’ll gladly call dibs. Marsha, baby, I’m coming to visit next season.

As crucial as HoH was for Sabrina, this Veto really needed to be won by Jon. He is the only man left in the House. He has been the strongest competitor since final 8. It was obvious that the women were coming together to target him, which is why he was put on the block for the first time on day 65. He powered through the competition, and as the tweet says, he secured his spot in the final 3 showdown.


Jon won the most important Veto of the season. Not only did he ensure his safety, but he cast the one and only vote. Between his best friend Neda, and his… um… (well, she’s also in a relationship, so I suppose that’s a connection, right?) Heather, he made the right choice; if Heather made it to final 3, she may not have won any competitions, but between Sabrina & Heather, she was a little bit of a bigger threat. I still wish she hadn’t won the Veto last week, though; Delly should have made final 4, or, dare I say, final 2. DELLY SHOULD HAVE WON, DAMMIT! However, I have to give credit where credit is due. Heather played a hell of a game, & capitalized after Canada’s HoH. She targeted the biggest players without fear, because she knew she had nothing to lose. It’s hard to say if anyone would have been willing to make the moves she fearlessly made. She had a lot of spunk, & she won when she had to win, but other than that, I think others deserved to make it farther than her.

This was the best case scenario for Neda, though. Aside from the obvious aspect of going to jury house, she would have been the one to send home one of her two best friends if she had won Veto. With Jon’s win, she is guaranteed a vote in the finals.


Hit of the week? More like hit of the season!

F*ck you, Sabotage.


The voice of Marsha, & the brains behind the competitions, and his baby, the Side Show. I’m so proud of him. Keep up the good work, Trevor!

As always, thanks for tuning in for this brief Breakdown. I can honestly say that I’m not too thrilled about the possibility of Sabrina making it to the finals, but they had to do something to make us watch uncomfortably, right?

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And until the BBCAN2 season finale of Bradford’s Big Brother Breakdown,

I’m The ‘Ford, and that’s the word.

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