Bradford’s Big Brother Breakdown: Party of Five

bbcan2 breakdown

Greetings, ‘Ford Fans, and welcome to another edition of Bradford’s Big Brother Breakdown!


It was a rather knotty challenge, filled with more twists than a Twistos challenge, & more turns than a conversation with Sabrina. In the end, it was the big man with a little plan, Jon, who won HoH, but he didn’t let it go to his head. He realized how little time is left in the House, so he only slept in his suite for a night or two; lots of talking can happen when you isolate yourself (Yes, that’s foreshadowing).


I wish there was a way to play Talla’s reaction to being nominated side-by-side with Heather’s tantrum from going back on the block; they were pretty much identical.


Jon & Neda are essentially flushing their game down the toilet at this point. Only Heather & Adel tried to win the Veto this week while the others tried to line their pockets. As Adel said, “At this point in the game, there are no pawns – if you’re on the block, you’re going home.”


WAKE UP, CANADA! Adel, better known to us as Deli, Deli Meatballs, Delmore, Tasco, & Medium Salsa, was sent packing by the people he called his friends. It’s a miracle that Deli made it as far as he did, though; he was a friend to the downfallen from the beginning. He was one of the few to stand by Paul, he was by Ika’s side after Lettergate, he was a true friend through & through. He distracted the HoH’s with laughter so they wouldn’t see him as a threat. In the end, the fact that he was stronger than Sabrina was the deciding factor for two stubborn voters, so he was sent packing, & as a result, they have to face the consequences this week. Farewell, Deli.

I can’t believe they voted out Adel. They kept saying how much of a threat he is, but after a month on slop, he had faded away to nothing. He wasn’t exactly a mental threat – he guessed the HoH puzzle he won. As much as I adore to slander Sabrina, she’s a huge social threat, and keeping her was a huge, HUGE mistake…


This was the best thing on the internet this week.

There’s never a bad time to send a “F*ck you” to someone who played a poor game.

Sabrina will be the source of my nightmares for weeks after this season is over…

I’m with HamsterWatch on this one – I stopped caring about this season about halfway through the week. To be totally honest, I still haven’t watched the eviction episode. It’ll take a miracle to keep my attention from this point on.

This season turned sour pretty fast.

*Spoiler for next week* The thought process of these players is beyond frustrating…*sigh*

That wraps it up for a pretty slow and grinding week. Not a lot happened that was worth talking about, and the majority of the gameplay was irritating, so I think we’re all better off if I leave it at that.

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And until the finale, I’m The ‘Ford, and that’s the word.

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