Brilliant Mastermind or Clueless Idiot?

Brilliant Mastermind or Clueless Idiot?

If you are a fan of Big Brother, of course you know I am speaking of the one and only Steve.  I have noticed the countless posts and tweets about Steve being called rain man, brilliant, mastermind & genius, as well as, clueless, idiot, sociopathic & dummy, so my question to you all is, which is it? Is Steve actually a brilliant rain man type? Does he have a master plan?  Is he hiding an evil side and he’s waiting for the right moment to backstab everyone?  Or is he just utterly clueless and making idiotic game moves?  I invite you all to weigh in on this one below in the comments section because I must admit that I am truly baffled by Steve.

If I had to choose based on everything I have seen, I would sadly have to side with the clueless idiot and here’s why…  Although, I can totally see the rain man side of Steve, every single time he talks to himself aloud, his spoken words are the exact opposite of his actions.  I realize he talks things through and weigh’s his options, but everything he speaks, he immediately contradicts what he just said.  In other words, his ramblings make utterly no sense at all, even though I am sure they make sense to him.  But no matter what he speaks aloud talking to himself, his actions are what make me doubt that he truly even knows what he’s doing, let alone has a master plan in mind.

I don’t doubt in any way shape or form that Steve is very intelligent.  But, some of the most intelligent people have no common sense at all!  And that is exactly how I see Steve.  For example, he did the whole crying bit to Vanessa and the twins and then said it was 50/50 acting.  But yet, in the DR all by himself only talking to us, he was clearly upset for real at his own nominations? And yet he should be 50/50 acting to people he’s not aligned with, not his own people that pose him no threat, so his acting serves no purpose!  I just don’t get this kid!  Is it possible to be so smart you’re stupid?

So, again, please weigh in and tell me what I am missing or if you agree with me? What’s your take on Steve?