Just Gimme A Kiss!!!

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Everyone in the house this year seem to think that showmances are bad for their game, but cuddlemances are OK?!?!  That’s it!  I just made up a new BB word…. #cuddlemance  (credit me with this one on Urban Dictionary please)  And wow, there are so many!  We have Nicole and Corey, Paulie and Zakiyah, James and Natalie and now Frank and Cabbage patch, I mean Bridgette… wow that is a grand total of 4 cuddlemances all having daily and/or nightly cuddle sessions.

But seriously, what in the world are these guys thinking? None of them want to be in a showmance because they know its not good for their game, but they truly think that cuddling the same person all night every night doesn’t count as long as it doesn’t turn sexual?  I hate to inform them, but they are wrong!  Every other person in the house that isn’t in one of these many cuddlemances are all considering these cuddlemances as partners together just the same as a showmance.

So, what I want to know is….. Can someone please just kiss already??? I imagine they probably want to and I cannot imagine the frustration going on inside that house with all this affection and nothing more. I just don’t see the purpose of fighting the showmances even though I completely get not wanting to “hook-up” on feeds.  I can’t blame them there, but come on people…. you could at least (in my best Steven Tyler voice) JUST GIVE ME A KISSSSSS… Like This!

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Are all you superfans glad nobody is getting any more serious than cuddling?  (I know last year a lot of you were disgusted by Austin and Liz constantly making out) Or are you like me and getting excited to see these cuddlemances progress into something more? (Like another Jeff and Jordan)

Tell me what you think in the comments below.