bb15 cat fight

Fight! Fight!! Fight!!!!  Best I can tell ya’s is Flashback to 11:30ish (BB Time) ~ Any Cam (yes, it was that good)….Helen called out Jessie in front of Aaryn about lying to her….one thing led to another and Helen just left, leaving her hanging, But not for long, because Jessie decided to use the only card she had left which is to out Helen & Elissa to Amanda of their plan to get her out….Amanda went to get Helen & Elissa (but Elissa didn’t want to go because she knew part of what Jessie was saying was true and didn’t want to fight) ~ Turns out the next few hours were nothing but, side conversations between all the houseguest’s ~ thereby solidifying her departure on Thursday…..Jessie even confronted Spencer about a conversation they had together (which he denied too), in front of McCrae. She also confronted Elissa telling her ppl are saying things about her, but won’t tell her who because Elissa insulted her earlier by asking if she was taking some kind of drugs!!  lol ~ Helen still trying to smooth things over with “the alliance” just heard about the “kissing Judd” encouragements told to Jessie by Elissa earlier in the week……Helen asked Elissa if she knew anything about that, and her response was “Ooops!!!”  followed by giggling.  (That didn’t make Helen too happy) ~ LOL!!!  Jessie for sure knows she is screwed now as she told Aaryn in the bathroom “Helen totally screwed up my game” and threw her towel on the bench and left. McCrae’s only concern it seems, is getting Jessie‘s cigarettes!!!  lol ~ ~ ~ This is a MUST SEE folks….The way it stands right now ~ JESSIE IS Leaving on Thursday…..but wait, there’s still 2 full days to double talk…


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