CBS BB15 Episode 7 Recap: #BestEvictionBreakdown EVER

big brother 15 nick evicted

Hey everyone it is Shannon with big brother 15 week 2 eviction recap!

This eviction episode was in one word, AMAZING! It had drama, blindsides, and a karma happy ending. I think I quite literally let out a squeal at the end of this episode that can only be described as the same squeal my sister did back in the early ’90s when we got our first Nintendo for Christmas. And with that glimpse into my childhood LOL I’ll get on with my thoughts/recap on the episode.

At first upon hearing that Elissa nominated Nick as the replacement nominee I was scared she sealed her fate and would certainly be evicted since I thought Kaitlin would have been the better choice. But with Big Brother you can never assume, and as much as I liked Nick, his eviction made me so incredibly happy. Before his eviction more footage of Aaryn was shown with her completely denying she has said anything racist when confronted by Amanda about it. Amanda did it in such a polite way that Aaryn could have very easily seemed at least somewhat remorseful or appologetic and maybe just maybe we wouldn’t hate her so much. But of course not, instead she simply rolls her eyes and is in complete and utter denial that she has done anything wrong. I cannot even begin to understand the mind of this girl and she is going to feel so mighty wrath when she leaves that house, brace yourself girl.

After the votes were cast evicting Nick it honestly felt like the longest commercial break of my life waiting to see the look on their faces when they would find out that Elissa wasn’t leaving. It honestly was one of the happiest moments ever and I did not even feel slightly bad about laughing so hard when GinaMarie was bawling so LOUDLY over Nick, a guy she knew for what 3 weeks?, being evicted. She does know that he wasn’t shot on the way out and that he is still alive right? This girl just took the cake for best breakdown after an eviction away from Chima, Natalie, and Lydia when Jessie was evicted in BB11 .

Next came the HoH competition and I was just sitting there a bit nervous thinking please anyone but Jeremy or Kaitlin or GinaMarie win this competition pleeeeeeease. I laughed so hard when Jeremy was one of the first ones out of the true/false competition since he had apparently boasted about having a photographic memory. HA. Anyways, the competition comes down to a double tie breaker round with HELEN winning the competition, and this would be when my high pitched squealing came into play. So happy all of Helen’s studying paid off and that she won this competition and cannot wait to see the other side of the house scramble and everything from this happening. (And from what I read last night/this morning apparently they are more immature then ever.. ugh).

So here’s hoping this week will be wonderful after sending one of these idiots home and I cannot wait til next weeks show, although by then I will be officially 23 :p lol Wish me happy birthday on Wednesday 😀 by following me on Twitter (see what I did there 😉 haha) @sbauer17. Let me know your thoughts on the episode in the comments below and who you predict will go home next week.


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