Cornbread Exit Interview


Our very own Superfan Missy Z got to interview Cornbread and ask the questions that we all wanted to know and some of the questions came from our very own Big Brother Superfan group on Facebook.  So let’s get down to business.  I will let you all listen for yourselves, but here is the down low…

Basically he regrets getting in an alliance so soon, but felt the opportunity presented itself and he thought it would give him some protection.

He thinks Jason has the best chance of going to the end and maybe Shane.

He would of played a safer game if he’d of known America was targeting him, but he knows the fans either love you or hate you for just being yourself.

One positive thing he learned is that there are good people no matter where you go in this country and he has mad props for all the other house guests.

He is NOT related in any way to Honey Boo Boo and he says it’s laughable that people think that just because he’s a chubby guy.

And last but not least, he DID say F*** ya’ll walking out the door because he was in shock, embarrassed and hurt and now feels bad that he reacted that way and says he doesn’t mean it now.

When asked hot or cold, he chose hot. When asked Beer or Coke, he chose Coke. When asked biscuits or cornbread, he chose biscuits.  And lastly he was asked where we can find him on social media, which he responded that he is scared of social media right now and wants to lay low for a while because he doesn’t think many people care for him.



My take on the interview:  Listening to him makes me downright sad and almost ashamed of the fans!  I really think he got a bad rap and he is actually a pretty great guy who’s still a bit in shock that America didn’t love him!  The only thing this guy did wrong was say the word Yankee to describe people from New England (Websters exact definition of the word Yankee = an inhabitant of New England or one of the northern states). The dictionary does not consider the word alone derogatory. It is other words used with it that change it into a derogatory term.

He also said a very common misused Jewish term that I would almost bet my life on that he had no clue was even offensive when he said it.  It was not said in a malicious way and I do believe was said in complete ignorance that it was offensive in any way.  I know this because I myself thought using the word Jew as a verb didn’t mean Jewish people at all, just like saying Jimmy or Jerry rig something.  It doesn’t mean a real Jimmy or Jerry right? That’s what I thought myself until a few years ago and was completely mortified when I was corrected and schooled on what it really meant, so that’s why I believe Cornbread doesn’t know either.

Then that leaves the fact that a majority of the fans wanted him gone the minute the rumor hit that he was related to Honey Boo Boo!  Talk about offensive!!!  It wasn’t even true, yet majority of the fans never even doubted the rumor…. why?  Was it because he was from the same state?  Was it because he’s chubby?  Was it because he just happened to win a competition that Honey Boo Boo attended?  Or are a majority of the fans guilty of stereotyping?  I honestly believe it is the latter and I say it again, I think Cornbread is truly a good ole southern boy that just got a bad rap by the fans and as a Big Brother Alumni, I think we truly need to welcome him in and give him a chance that we didn’t give him in the house.


If you agree with me or not,  let me know in the comments below as well as what you thought of Missy’s interview.


Till next time!