Ding Dong David Is Gone

big brother 15 david girton evicted

BB15 David Girton is 1st Evicted!

As you all know David is gone, but can you all believe how truly clueless he was after he was evicted? I nearly felt sorry for him! He truly believes that he was the most likable guy in the house and that people wanted him out because he was smart. Yes, you actually heard that right, he said he was smart? The same guy who couldn’t make a single word because he couldn’t pop the balloons fast enough. If there was ever a definition of clueless this guy is it!

Speaking of clueless, Aaryn is right there with him, but she finally has opened her eyes at least enough to realize that she is not so liked in the house and not so in control as she thought she was. Yet, right after David walked out the door, she and Jeremy win the HOH competition and Jeremy gave it to Aaryn. Can you say worst case scenario? Yes, she has power this week right after her boy leaves! Isn’t it so funny how Big Brother works that way?

big brother 15 aaryn hoh When feeds came back on right after the HOH competition ended, everyone is immediately kissing Aaryn’s butt and lying their hiney’s off and nobody but Andy admitting that he voted out David. Spencer took it one step further and was yelling in outrage at whoever voted to keep Elissa! (Umm that would be you Spencer) Also, Gina Marie and Aaryn don’t believe Candice when she tells them she voted to keep David, when in fact, she is one of the few that truly didn’t vote out David and they honestly don’t know who to believe because the numbers just don’t match up, so the only answer is that lots of people are lying. How dare ANY of these people lie to Aaryn! She is going to get America’s MVP vote every week, right ya’ll? #NOT Can someone buy Aaryn a vowel before she does too much more damage to herself and her real life future this week?

As for her nominations, there is no doubt that Elissa will go on the block, for the other, she might just go eeny, meeny, miny, moe, but most likely it will be Helen. Oh and one more thing, Big Brother had her pick the 4 have-nots for the week and I would bet money that you can guess it right! You got it, Elissa, Helen, Candice and Andy! (shocker) But hey, at least she won’t stay in power for long and she only has 3 allies left!

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