Dissecting the #BBOTT cast – one by one


Whoa… another Big Brother season already? I know most of us aren’t ready for a brand new cast but BECAUSE we are SUPERFANS we get ready for it! So like you, I watched all the houseguests videos and like you, determined which ones I like and which I don’t. hmmmm aren’t we a bunch of bad-asses! lol As you read down the list, i’d like to know if you agree with me or not and leave a comment. Who do you like and dislike. Who do you think will be evicted first and who could win the grand prize of $250,000.00?

Shane Chapman
Age: 24
Hometown: Brevard, NC
Current city: Pisgah Forest, NC
Occupation: Roofer

My Assessment: He loves Vanessa (BB17) gameplay. OMG please don’t. He’s a chill dude who wants to keep his hands clean. Does he know where he is? I think he wants to float his way down the line. I can see him winning comps and forming an all guys alliance. He wants a showmance but i think he might settle for a cuddlemance with Kryssie (if he’s her type). I’m not sure how far he will go. He’s a mystery to me.

Scott Dennis
Age: 24
Hometown: Bangor, ME
Current city: Bangor, ME
Occupation: Debt collector

My Assessment: A SuperFan. Applied 5 times oh my. He’s a smart guy and reminds me of a nerdy Dan Gheesling. He says he has a plan going in – a big mistake but lets see if that works for him. He wants a showmance but might get a bromance instead. I think the other houseguests will see right thru him and vote him out midway. He says he will win comps but i only see him winning memory comps.

Justin Duncan
Age: 27
Hometown: New Orleans, LA
Current city: New Orleans, LA
Occupation: Seafood restaurant owner

My Assessment: The cool cat that can cook. Watch out guys cause he’s going to charm you all! I see him being the girls guy and the guys guy. He needs to stay chill (which i think he is) and can coast his way to win it. I really like this guy. I have a feeling he’s going to create an alliance that will last till the end.

Whitney Hogg
Age: 21
Hometown: Whitesburg, KY
Current city: Whitesburg, KY
Occupation: Medical assistant

My Assessment: OMG Jordan’s little sister is in the house. Well not really but she’s a southern princess and SuperFan. She has a boyfirend so the guys don’t have a chance. She’s cute and bubbly and will be loved by everyone in the house. I can see her final 2 if she can win comps. I really like her a lot!

Neeley Jackson
Age: 33
Hometown: Fort Worth, TX
Current city: Fort Worth, TX
Occupation: Sales associate

My Assessment: Oh Neeley… i really like you but that side eye and flaring hands are going to get you in big trouble. She’s loud, crazy and wants to form an all girls alliance. Please Please Please don’t do it! You even know it’s never worked out. She will be fun loving in the beginning but i’m afraid she will lose it when put on the block. I don’t have high hopes for her. Maybe final 9?

Danielle Lickey
Age: 23
Hometown: Visalia, CA
Current city: Visalia, CA
Occupation: Pre-school teacher

My Assessment: Thinks she knows how to win. She’s a big thinker. She’s studied the game but I don’t think she will play well. At first she reminded me of Zakiyah (BB18) but as I listened to her video I immediately thought of Victoria (BB17). She’s going to float a bit and ride on peoples coat tails. She might win an endurance comp and some memory comps but they say the comps will be simpler this season so i just don’t know. I highly doubt she will win but might make final 3.

Michael “Cornbread” Ligon
Age: 41
Hometown: Augusta, GA
Current city: Augusta, GA
Occupation: Foreman at tree-removal company

My Assessment: A cool fun guy to hang with. The oldest in the group so he could be the daddy figure for the girls. I expect him to stick around a while but i don’t see him winning this. I don’t see him winning many comps but he might not need to. He might rub some people with wrong way with his cocky attitude. I happen to like it but i have a feeling many won’t. I’d say he be around till final 6.

Monte Massongill
Age: 25
Hometown: Olive Branch, MS
Current city: Olive Branch, MS
Occupation: Engineer associate

My Assessment: A people person and will be “friends” with everyone. He says he’s a comp beast and may be but this season might not be all about comps! You might need more brains than brawn this season. I can see him leading a big alliance with many girls. I can also see him teaming up with Cornbread and Justin too. He wants a showmance and he might get it but will regret it when evicted. He sorta reminds me of Mr. PEC-Tacular – Jessie Godderz. Anyone else think so?

Kryssie Ridolfi
Age: 31
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Current city: Schaumburg, IL
Occupation: Waitress

My Assessment: She said she needs big brother! I like people who play for the money. She wants to create an unbreakable alliance and she might actually do it. I can see her being a good friend to everyone and so will be the go to girl. She doesn’t want a showmance but does want a snuggle buddy? I don’t know how that’s going to work. If she plays her card right she could be in the final 4.

Shelby Stockton
Age: 24
Hometown: Fountain Hills, AZ
Current city: Simi Valley, CA
Occupation: Recent law-school graduate

My Assessment: Well she’s a lawyer that will pretend to be dumb? I really doubt that. She says she’s going to be loud and tell people off so guess what? not happening people. She will be out 1st or 2nd for sure. And what is that laugh? way too creepy for me. bye bye shelby.

Alex Willett
Age: 25
Hometown: Grandbury, TX
Current city: Dallas, TX
Occupation: Animation designer

My Assessment: Another SuperFan who likes nerds? Let’s see if she forms an alliance or showmance with Scott 😉 She is fun and smart but she might overthink the game. Especially if she joins forces with another SuperFan. I can see her making final 6 but not winning. I’m almost 100% sure CBS wants a nerdy showmance and i must admit… so do I.

Morgan Willett
Age: 22
Hometown: Granbury, TX
Current city: Austin, TX
Occupation: Publicist

My Assessment: Hello happy go lucky morgan. she’s a cheerleader but nothing like natalie (BB18). She thinks being bubbly will make her popular. She’s not into a showmance but i see the guys trying. Her biggest issue is her sister Alex. I know Liz and Julia made it far but i don’t see sister power making it too far – but it all depends on whether or not they spill the beans about being related. I doubt she or her sis will win.