Is This The End of McCranda?


Is This The End of McCranda?  Well I sure hope so!  Amanda went into full skank mode last night by telling all the boys how much sex they have had all over the house.  Andy was completely shocked and questioned how, where, when, etc. etc. not believing  they have found so much privacy and had never been caught or walked in on.  Judd could only keep asking over and over “In my bed?’ “Did you do it in my bed?” LOL!  Then Mr. Perv himself  (Spencer) decided to make it this weeks mission to catch them in the act before Amanda leaves on Thursday.

*** Spencer, it’s not as if we all didn’t already know you are a big ole perv!

***Andy, we all know you are gay, but do you actually wish for a vagina? You have some major obsession with tampons because it seems like every other day you are picking them up and inspecting them, and yesterday you even asked why they are scented, LOL take my word for it, you do NOT want a menstrual cycle, I promise!

***Judd, YES they did it all over your bed and YES, you slept all in it afterward!!!  But hey, there is one bright side though, men don’t get yeast infections!

OK so back to McCranda, I do believe this will be the end since it looks like Amanda will be leaving on Thursday!   (I think I just heard the angels from behind the pearly gates singing “Hallelujah”!  Did you hear it too?)  Looks like the spawn of Satan is finally going down!  But it still boggles my mind how she truly thought that everyone would just sit back and hand her and McCrea the game?  Don’t get me wrong, I do give her kudo’s for manipulating all the other house guest’s before now, but honestly, she had to know it would eventually catch up to her, wouldn’t you think?  But no, this is Amanda we are talking about here.  The one so narcissistic that she not only can not even see her own cruelty to others, but apparently can only see others as being mean to her.  Talk about dishing it out, but cannot take it!  This girl is not too far off from total insanity!

And as for McCrea, he seriously needs to SNAP OUT OF IT!  When she is gone, he better get his head back in the game really quick or McCranda may be walking in the jury house doors together because it’s double eviction this week!  Awww wouldn’t that be sweet!

Let me also add that I absolutely LOVE that the floaters have formed their own alliance this year!  I have always said that floating can actually be a great strategy because they always make it far in the game, BUT floaters usually don’t win!  This time if they can get Elissa out, a floater will finally win this game!  How ironic that before the season even started Julie Chen said this would be the season of no floaters right?  HAHAHA!!!  Grodner needs a better twist because this year’s twist created so many floaters they formed their own alliance, LOL!

So, here’s my take…  I do not respect Andy because he was a huge rat most of the game.  I don’t respect Elissa because she had an advantage from day 1 and still does if America has anything to do with it…. UGHHHH!  I don’t respect GinaMarie because of the cruelty she showed to Candice.  So, that leaves Spencer and Judd!  Spencer is just well, Spencer… so for me it is GO JUDD for the win!!!

Who are you all rooting for and why?



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