Episode 2 of Big Brother Babble with Missy Z

bb15 big brother babble episode 2

Missy Z’s Second Episode of Big Brother Babble

Big Brother 15 premiere is less than 3 weeks away and so it’s time for Missy Z to tell you all about the CBS LIVE FEEDS and especially about the CBS LIVE FEED early bird special…. AVAILABLE NOW for an extra special price of $23.99 for the FULL season. You can check out details about it and Purchasing them on Big Brother Group. She also tells you all about what we can expect to find on the CBS LIVE FEEDS including 4 cams, a playback feature (previously called flashback), a members only chat area and an archive of live feed video clips. We can expect to see Jeff doing the exit videos of the EVICTED houseguest and you MUST check in every Wednesday night immediately after every LIVE SHOW to Blog Talk Radio with Missy Z and Spicy! Missy goes on to discuss Big Brother After Dark and as promised during episode 1, she gives her SuperFan Shout-outs. Did you hear your name? Let us know in the comments below! 😉 She also mentions all our fabulous SuperFan contributors and what she plans to Babble about next week. Now check out her video and let us know what you want her to Babble about next week!

Thanks to our contributor Jeremy Woods for the intro.