Eviction eve… 

Eviction Eve….and I’m a little worried, they say it’s not over till the fat lady sings and I’m not plannin on doing that until at least 9 pm tomorrow night (after work). I’m holding out hope for my boy Johnny Mac to stay and work with Meg, James, Vanessa (because everyone knows how flip-floppy she is) and whoever comes back into the house. (Provided it’s not Steve)

I fear that IF the DON’T get Steve out now, they will all be stabbed in the back particuraly shoud Steve make it back in the house as HOH. Austin and the twins are completely boring me now and I’m ready to see Jamesie back in HoH because he was the only player who wasn’t afraid to stand tall and make his nominations. I think anyone of the ladies who have a chance to come back tomorrow would definately team up with Meg, James, Johnny Mack, and flipply Vanessa and take over the house!!!

Im ready to see someone in HOH who isn’t afraid of making some big game moves and stand behind them, after all there’s not much game left, and I need my first Picks to win!!!! If these yahoo’s keep Steve, I’m sure we’ll be in for a huge power trip should Steve win Hoh…. I think he would sink a few ships without even thinking twice. Things about to get rough up in that house and I can’t wait.

Please God, if you’re hearing my prayers, grants this old lady this one wish of keeping the two bunnies out of the HOH room for the rest of the summer….we, really don’t want to watch their porn at night, pretty please? I would like to watch them sweat in a different way from now on, Please. can you make that happen for us Superfans? Thank you ever so much….Amen

ta ta for now………………………..MOMMAT