Could GINA MARIE be Big Brother’s First Casualty?

bb15 ginamarie

Gina Marie has been doomed since the very beginning of the game….she’s suffered a hand injury (twice – cut tip of finger while cooking), a back injury, a foot injury, countless scrapes and bruises, and just yesterday (during POV competition) she sustained an injury just under her knee (on the Good leg) that required 9 stiches!!!!  It’s a good thing there’s only 10 more days left in this season, I don’t think she can take very many more injuries.  However….the injuries Could be just what might keep her alive in the game (that’s my hope ~ Final 3 Baby!!), because since she IS injured, the fella’s are most likely to keep her.

Yesterday’s incident during POV competition, Gina Marie recalls she didn’t even know what she cut her leg on, and during her medical time with the doc, said they gave her 4 shots….which she said didn’t even phase her.  Her words were:  “After having so many piercings, needles don’t bother me…try a needle in your nipple or vagina and see how that F’n feels”.  lol ~ Spencer asked her if they gave her anything for pain and her response….”Nah, just take tylenol….I’m good wit it”.

Through it all, she never complains how badly she feels except for an occassional “it hurt’s”, “it’s painful”, “it sting’s” comment.  She must’ve been accident prone all her life as she Alway’s knows exactly what to do for each incident, i.e. ice, elevation, braces, bandaids, etc.; …..And just keeps rolling on, head held high and ready to rumble (or tumble) with each and every new competition.  That girl is ONE tough cookie, that’s for sure!!

I’m a bit worried about the next competition (If she survives the eviction), because I fear it could be the one that fatally takes her out!

Finger’s Crossed for the remainder of the game and the next Big Brother Winner!!  Yes, I said that out loud.  (even IF the odds are stacked against her – – – it could happen)  :<O


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