The Good and Bad about ‘Big Brother 19’

The CBS Big Brother series premiere is less than two weeks away and we have a lot to tell you about it. BUT FIRST… have you read all the ridiculous articles written about BB19? Or maybe you’ve seen all the ridiculous rumors circulating on twitter, facebook , instagram and Reddit. It’s not like it doesn’t happen every year but I think this year it’s OVER THE TOP. Our dear old president likes to call is FAKE NEWS… I call it STUPID NEWS. It’s just plain stupid to start rumors. Is your life so boring that you have nothing better to do? Is your life so petty that you need ‘LIKE’S and ‘HEARTS’ or whatever other acknowledgment there is out there? A real SuperFan should just wait for CBS Big Brother’s announcement. Sorry for my little rant!

So anyway, let’s get to it… The Good:

We have DATES!!!

On MONDAY JUNE 19th at 8am PST (11am EST) we should (unless there is a glitch) find out who the NEW (or old) BB19 houseguests are on CBS ALL ACCESS. Now I know what you are saying… why do I need to pay to see who the houseguests are. Well, you really don’t unless you want to watch Jeff’s interviews. Yes, we all want to find out immediately but there are many of us Big Brother Bloggers and Social Media Addicts that will post the houseguests photos, names, ages and talents as they are announced. Social Media will take care of it. So you can Subscribe to CBS ALL ACCESS now by clicking HERE to watch Jeff’s interviews or you can just wait till June 29th to subscribe to watch the LIVE FEEDS. I’ve already subscribed to CBS ALL ACCESS so we will immediately announce the new houseguests are on our TWITTERFACEBOOK PAGE and FACEBOOK GROUP (click to join each). I can’t wait!

On WEDNESDAY JUNE 21st (time TBD) we will see the brand new Big Brother 19 house. We should see photos on the CBS website and various blogs in the morning. Then around 7pm they should present Julie Chen’s walk thru of the house. If like past years, we will see lot’s of new colorful wallpaper and Ikea furniture… BORING! just kidding… It will be AMAZING!

WEDNESDAY JUNE 28th is the OFFICIAL START of BIG BROTHER 19. If you haven’t heard, we are throwing a HUGE PREMIERE PARTY IN NYC! We have over two dozen Big Brother Alumni attending along with media outlets, a red carpet and hundreds of SuperFans. It will take place at SLATE NY on 54 West 21st Street in the heart of NEW YORK CITY. It all starts at 5pm ET and ends when they throw us out! We will stream the BB19 two hour premiere on dozens of TV so you won’t miss a moment! Check out our website If you want to attend!

On THURSDAY JUNE 29th we will watch a second episode of BB19, but it’s only 1 hour long. If similar to last year, the LIVE FEEDS will turn on soon after the west coast show. By then you should subscribe to CBS ALL ACCESS to watch the LIVE FEEDS. Please consider subscribing thru us by clicking the banner below. As in past years, our link is identical to CBS’s link but it helps us out a little.

I will update this post as CBS releases more dates.

Now for THE BAD… but not that bad 😉

We have been running this blog for many years now and I regret to say we may not run it for much longer. It’s not because we don’t want to! We just find that everyone uses all of the top social media services and they prefer to see Breaking Big Brother News on one of them. I don’t blame you… I do it as well. So by the time we write a post, you will have already heard about it. BUT we may keep this going to post all our YouTube podcasts and special announcements. This season will tell us which direction to go. But to be clear, We aren’t going anywhere. We are Big Brother SuperFans. We love and appreciate your support!