Good Strategy or Just A Rat?



Andy thinks he is responsible for making every game move in the house since day 1, but we all know that until this week, Andy has done nothing but get away with playing all sides and being the house rat who admittedly placed items in every room so he always had an excuse to walk in on every conversation going down and bust in at will.  Then of course, running and telling everything he just heard!  But is being the rat truly a good strategy?  Sure Ian did it last year and won, but isn’t that only because Dan got stupid in the 11th hour and thought he would beat Ian?  Ian was only being used the entire game, first by Boogie and Frank, then by the entire Quack Pack and was clueless that Dan, Danielle, Shane and Brittany were only using him and were totally going to send him packing in 4th place, but Dan changed his mind because he thought Danielle might beat him.  So, in Ian’s case, the rat only won because Dan got stupid in the end and thought he might loose against Shane or Danielle.  Ronnie was a rat and was shunned for an entire week by the whole house because he got busted.  Shelly was a rat and also got busted and was so hated by America that her family got death threats.  So why then would Andy possibly think that being the rat is a great strategy?

I absolutely hate it when the rat doesn’t get caught and it only makes me mad instead of admiring it as good game play.  So obviously I cannot stand Andy, but I will give him credit for pulling off a great acting job!  He not only convinced Amanda before she saw his goodbye message, but Elissa was so convinced by Andy’s acting that she even thought McCrea voted against Amanda, LOL!  So, this just makes him a great actor that was able to fool some people, but what good did it really do him? Elissa didn’t even need to be blamed for the vote for Amanda because she would of gone home next anyway because McCrea was HOH and didn’t even get to vote her out.  So doesn’t this just mean that Andy aligned with the right people at the right time?  In my opinion, he is only a good floater that is changing sides when the time is right and the funny thing is Andy has said over and over that he cannot stand floaters, yet I think that’s exactly what he is best at!

So again, I ask you, what do you think about Andy’s game?  Good strategy or just a rat?


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