Is The House Going To Flip Again?


Same old Wednesday night….Tiffany is making her rounds campaigning and making the usual promises and it appears to be working……..AGAIN!!  This is Frank’s doing, he wants DaVonne out Pre-Jury and everyone else (especially James) is thinking “are we going to make the same mistake twice?”  Tiffany apparently told Frank if she wins HOH she’ll do whatever he wants – I’m not even in the house and I can tell that’s a bald face lie!!  C’mon already, they kept her safe last week and the first thing she did was rat everyone out.  Nicole, in my opinion, has lost her damned mind for even thinking it again.  Something tells me Nicole didn’t see Frank’s season.  He can’t be trusted anymore than Tiffany can.  I seriously can’t even believe these people are even considering it again.  Tiffany is currently in the Have Not room trying to convince Paulie how good a person she is as I write this.


DaVonne, on the other hand, has been cool, calm and collective all night.  She’s packed her bag and began talking to the camera asking for prayers and giving shout outs until Natalie came into the room.   DaVonne does want to break up the couples (and rightly so), but I think Tiffany is a much bigger threat since she’s already proven to be dis-honest by turning on everyone who saved her the night before.  After Frank made all his rounds, I guess it’s been decided they will all “sleep” on it and come together in the morning for a final decision………..My God People, get it together already!

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So, at 2 am in the morning, it Appears everyone is on the same page except Frank, Bridgette, Michelle, DaVonne, Corey & Nicole (only because they don’t know yet)  James told Paulie in the Safari Room that he had conversation with Frank and told him, he really didn’t want to go against Paulie’s HOH and asked him his thoughts.  Enter, Paul…Paulie re-iterated to James & Paul he wants Tiffany out this week, Frank out next week, and they can get DaVonne out later.  There’s still about 15ish hours left to make a final decision, but I’m hoping they don’t give Tiffany another chance to repeat things that were said in order to save her AGAIN!!

On a side note, I’ve read here and there that the feeds will be down from 8 am Eastern Thursday morning until after the show on Friday night.  It appears to me, this year they won’t let the feeders see the outcome of the Battle Back, but I’m speculating it’s going to be something along the lines of what they did on Season 15.  HOH on one side, and Battle Backs on the other endurance competition.  (I STILL to this day think Helen was pushed off, btw).  Probably the reason they won’t let us watch???