House Split Prediction

I am putting it out there right now…. after the eviction on Thursday, we are going to see the house split down the middle. It will be the ones who are with DaVonne against the ones with Frank.  Both of those two are running the house and they both know they don’t have complete control as long as the other is there.  This will break up all existing alliances because as of now, none of them agree on which of the two to target next, but the one thing they almost all agree on is that next weeks target must be Frank or DaVonne!  A few of them actually want both Frank and DaVonne gone, it is just a matter of which one to take out first. Surprisingly this includes the other two vets, James and Nicole.  (Funny how vets have turned on vets first before newbs have even tried, LOL)

There is already division as to who is going home this week, so I think the way the votes go down will reveal the split and cause havoc.  I absolutely love that for once, we have no clue who is truly going home this week.  We mostly know it won’t be Paul.  It will either be Bronte or Tiffany, and either way it goes, it will be a blindside!  Neither are expecting it and have both been assured they are safe.   So it should be another great eviction this week!

I cannot wait to see what happens as soon as Frank and/or DaVonne get put on the block next week when they both think they are running the entire house.  They are so sure of themselves at this point, they both have plans of throwing the HOH comp so someone/anyone not on Frank or DaVonne’s team win, so they don’t have safety. and can be put up for eviction.  Sadly they have no clue but they are both doing the very same thing in targeting the other!

This will be amazing to watch and see how this all goes down, how the split happens and where all the chips fall in the next week.  And the best part will be watching two vets try and save their own asses.  In past seasons this has brought about some of the best moments in BB history!  Remember Dan’s funeral?

Which one will be taken out first?  Frank or DaVonne?  Comment below and let me know who you think will go first? Who you want to go first?  And do you think it is smart for James and Nicole to turn on their fellow vets?