Houseguests stay up to study for the HoH competition!

big brother 15 hoh comp

Indoor Lock-Down for today’s HoH competition commenced early today and the kids are stuck in the house ALL being cordial to one another (As well as a little backstabbing in between)… Besides all the story telling, the houseguests were very busy trying to decide who is going home tonight and it appears, for the moment anyway, that ELISSA DOES have the votes to stay! It looks like Candice, Andy, Jessie, Judd, Amanda & now McCrae (he changed him mind) are voting to evict NICK….however, don’t get too excited because we all know this decision can change on a dime.  Nick absolutely seems nervous, but yet confident he’s staying too….Can’t wait for eviction tonight!

It’s now around 1:30am BB time and some of the kiddies have gone to bed early because apparently they’ve been told they will be awaken early. So all was still in the house, Except in the HoH room ~ they were in bed but Aaryn isn’t sleepy so she engages in all types of conversation. But wait… Around 1:45am-ish – Very Loud Horns (like that on a Semi-truck) began going off scarring them ALL AWAKE & RUNNING!!!!!!!!!!! It became quiet again, but not long enough for anyone to get re-situated in bed and it went off again ~ BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, BEEP – Aaryn & Kaitlyn are counting the number of loud beeps when suddenly “The Voice” say’s “Houseguest’s…..the lock-down is over, you are now free to move about the house”….and so, THEY SCATTER like rat’s in a flood to go see what’s waiting for them in the backyard…. But us live feeders get fishes!!! When the feeds returned, it sounds like they were shown a series of things that they need to remember for the HoH competition and it looks like most of them will be up studying all night. Nick & Gina Marie, at the advice of Nick, decided to sleep an hour or two, then study, then sleep, then study taking turns…much like storing information on a hard drive.  Whatever it was, one thing’s for certain….. nobody is going to have a good nights sleep! With that, I am sleepy and am sure glad I didn’t give up and go to bed when they did!!  lol


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