In a perfect world…

J Mac bb17

Oh Lordy, lordy…as if watching Liz and Austin in the HOH room wasn’t enough last week, Austin wins HOH again this week – – – Kill Me Now!! Don’t get me wrong, I hope they have a long happy life together (If that’s what they Really want), but God….Pleeeease spare my eyes from their shenanigan’s again this week!!

Clearly Austin’s target is Vanessa this week (but the twins want James), and he’s spent a huge part of the night trying to convince Steve to go on the Block with Johnny Mac as Pawns. Steve is dead set against that idea, especially when Vanessa also tries to make him see the advantages of it, even though she won’t herself take that chance. Nominations are in just a few hours and since they didn’t go to bed until 4 – 5 am, I suspect Austin won’t have much more time to think about his choice of noms…at this point, it looks like Meg & Johnny Mac are the most likely candidates for the Go Home chairs. I suspect a change in that theory before noms though, or at least I’m hoping so….

Since the phrase “in a perfect world” was used so much all night, I’ll add my In a Perfect World, I would like to see the noms be Johnny Mac & Steve, and backdoor Vanessa depending on the POV winner’s choice. Personally, in my opinion there’s only 8 left and Steve has’nt yet experienced the block….remember Ian? Steve is so liked and trusted it’s quite possible he could slide right into the winner’s chair and they wouldn’t even see it coming. Taking Steve out now, I think, would make everyone’s life much easier in the weeks ahead. Moving on, since Austin won…clearly him and the twins are SAFE for yet another week – ugh! So, after Steve I’d like to see Liz & Austin (depending on who wins the next hoh, of course) on the block, with Liz being the target…and leaving Austin to make it to final three and last voted out so him and Liz don’t have any time to “diddle”…Is that mean of me? lol But again, that’s just “In My Perfect World”….I’m sticking to my predictions (or most likely, hopefuls) of James, Meg & Johnny Mac for the Win!

Vanessa is an emotional train wreck already, so If it were left up to me I’d just front door her booty and let her sweat it all out until the inevitable…if she wins POV, so what? With only 8 people left, this game is about to get REAL dirty and it’s gotta start somewhere. The worse case scenario (for me) would be James & Meg on the block,and if the twins get their way…it could be a possibility. (I’m sure Liz could EASILY persuade Austin at this point)…after all, it’s just Game Play, right? This girl’s tired and my head is in a tail spin after all the private chats of the evening…Happy Nomination Day to all, I hope all your dreams and wishes come true, lol