Is Jessie going home this week?

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Sunday’s show was interesting for the first segment, didn’t see that coming at all…..1st the rest of the fight (that we couldn’t see on double eviction night) between Candice & Gina Marie was epic!  2nd McCrae & Andy are just torn to shreds over the blindside of Judd at the request of Helen…I have to admit, I was a lil upset too and I’d be madder than a hornet being swatted with a broom when I found out it was ALL because they “thought” he was MVP, which by this point I’m sure he already knows….however the house doesn’t – – – Thanks Alot CBS for messing someone’s game up!!!

On to the 2nd HOH Competition….I find it amusing that McCrae didn’t throw his chance just so Amanda would’ve had the chance to go against Andy for the win.  She just couldn’t believe that Big Jeff threw his for Jordan, and Brendan threw his to Rachel, but McCrae wouldn’t for her….oh boo hoo!!  The only thing to calm her down was Helen giving her a pep talk about how she’s already a winner because they are all still there by the work of her hands – barf!  Jessie in her Diary Room say’s “just suck it up and move on” ( I really like her even IF she is undecisive all the time), and McCrae consoles her in the bathroom holding her and telling her “We’re doing so good, this is good for us, We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you”…blah blah blah ~ Meanwhile talk turns to Andy & Helen in the HOH room…..Andy told her he’s putting Jessie & Spencer on the block straight off…..Helen’s response is her gut tells her McCrae & Amanda are the ones to fear. but she doesn’t know that Andy is in an alliance with them.  After nominations, it should be clear to Helen that her gut is telling her something else now.  Will she be able to convince him to take one of them off the block and replace with either Amanda (best choice in my opinion) or McCrae??

Moving on….when the show was over, I turned the feeds back on just in time to catch Jessie having one-on-one time with Andy in the HOH.  Long story short, she assured him she’d like for Spencer, Gina Marie, Aaryn, herself and pulling Andy in to help her, get out Helen, Elissa & McCrae un-beknownst to her how close Andy & Helen are!!  Spencer interupted them so, they all decided to go downstairs.  Separating, and going their separate ways…..Helen went outside to ask Andy if she could listen to his music (that’s code for meet me upstairs, lol)  Andy told Helen…..Jessie’s above mentioned conversation “pretty much solidified the vote to get her out”…..HelenAndy quickly became engaged in some serious game talk about McCrae wanting to talk with them WITHOUT Amanda being present!!!!!!!!  Could they soon be plotting Amanda’s demise??  (I hope so)

As the evening moves along, after dinner the houseguest’s played Hot Potato & Simon Says to pass the time, then as they broke away from each other, mini meetings were being held in HoH room with Amanda, McCrae & Andy….then with Amanda, McCrae, Andy & Aaryn….then Amanda, Andy & Helen….ending with just Helen & Andy ~ The concensus still seems to be unanimous on Jessie being evicted on Thursday.  Confused yet?  Me Too – – I suppose a Flashback time would have been in order here, but I was so engrossed in these conversations, I simply didn’t think about it.  However, if you take a look at my screencaps on Big Brother Directory (on Facebook)….each has the date, time & cam # clearly at the top of each photo. (just FYI)

At midnight (BB time) they get their daily rations of two beers and a bottle of wine, lol  (I’m j/k…..they got 5 beers) and hang out in the back yard….a few on the couch and a few at the hot tub.  Those on the couch are playing yet another game called “Which Movie Is Best”….the rules are name two movies and everyone votes on which is best, then reminice a little about the movie and throw out another one.  The things we do when we’re bored and have no pen or paper, or even color crayon’s or board games or something, Anything….right?  I think if I was in that house, the down time would be hardest on me….

Today is a new day….can’t wait to see what (if any) drama happens today




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