Karma Is A Boomerang #BB17

This is what Karma looks like immediately after its dished out!


Karma is a boomerang in the Big Brother house, we all know it, but apparently Shelli missed that bit of information prior to entering the game.  This girl is so high and mighty on her pedestal that even after being nominated and put on the block, she seriously has been crying because Clay is going home.  Wait, what? Yes, it is true, I kid you not!  She is literally upset because she thinks there is no possibility of her going home and 100% chance that Clay will go home and just before jury too. ****Hey Shelli, newsflash…. You are the target sweet cheeks!!!

Here’s another little tid bit for ya, for those that don’t know it, Shelli not only has a double standard, but she doesn’t even realize that she has it!  This girl spent time just a few days ago consoling Jason telling him how great it will be for him getting to go home.  She actually told him to remember his experience of being in the house, and know that he was picked as a houseguest in the first place, and that he had so many wonderful people at home that couldn’t wait to see him. ****Yea right back at ya Shelli… ditto!

Also, Shelli keeps saying over and over that she trusted James and he gave his word in front of the entire house that she and Clay would be safe this week, when she could of easily held on and won the HOH.  Which is absolutely all true. But, what she is conveniently not remembering is the fact that she also promised Audrey & Jason and not only had deals with them, but made actual alliances with them both before going back on her word to them! ****Welcome to reality & karma Shelli!!! We know how bitter it tastes and us fans LOVE IT!

Now if only Vanessa could get a good ole bitter taste of that karma pill too, this season will be shaping up to be one of the great ones!

Here’s hoping to Shelli going home on Thursday and seeing her jaw drop when Julie says she is evicted!

And lastly, if you don’t have feeds yet, or cancelled already because feeds were boring…. now is the time to get them!  This is going to get good folks! 6th sense are all turning on each other and it is beautiful to watch!  So, if you do get them, I ask you to please go through your favorite fan site, which of course would be Big Brother Group right? LOL, but seriously, these fan pages put in a lot of time and money and we are fans just like you, so help us out if you will!  All you need to do is click on the tab that says CBS All ACCESS LIVE FEEDS above. ****We really appreciate it!


Love to all you Superfans!