Let’s get this twisted #BB16 party started!

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Big Brother 16 is exactly one week away and we finally find out what this season’s twist is. Just a few minutes ago Julie Chen made the following announcment on her hit show ‘The Talk’:

It’s time to break some Big Brother news! For all of you Big Brother fans who have been dying to find out what the twist is going to be this summer.. well guess what – I’ve been dying to tell you. This year… Not 1 but 2 house guests will win head of household every week. Each head of household, also known as HOH, will have the responsibility of nominating two full house guests for eviction. So that means every week a total of 4 nominated house guests will be on the chopping block. However, for the first time on big brother, just because you are HOH doesn’t mean you are safe! OH OH OH That’s because a brand new competition will be played called “battle of the Block”. And one more thing… you the fans are going to be influencing the game in a new interactive twist called “Team America”. It all starts one week from today in a special two night premiere event June 25th & 26th. This I promise you will be the most twisted season of Big Brother.

WOW. So how does this twist work? Well, Missy asked Big Brother 11 Alumni Ronnie Talbott to break it all down for us:

BIG BROTHER 11 Hey everyone! Now that the initial layer of the Big Brother 16 twist has been announced, my mind is racing just like all of your minds. I spoke with Missy and told her some of my thoughts on how this season may possibly work out. I realize that I could be 1,000,000% off base with these thoughts, but I am a fan just like all of you and I certainly hope these exciting ideas come to life in the house.
So Julie announced on The Talk that this summer we would have two HoHs every single week and each HoH would make their own two nominations. She also added in there the factoid that the HoHs would NOT BE SAFE!
…….WOW…… let that sink in there for a moment. After some thought, I wanted to outline my ideas for how this could possibly play out.
As we know from the house photos, the traditional memory wall is gone and has now been replaced with two giant flat screen TVs that are inserted vertically. I agree with what everyone on twitter and facebook have been hypopthesizing, this will clearly play out in some sort of team twist where the house will be divided into two “houses” each week. I havent the foggiest how this division will occur though. Will it be related to a casting twist? School yard pick up? Will America choose the teams? WAIT!! Maybe that is what the new interactive twist is! Maybe America will get to pick the two house teams every week! Ok.. now that would be cool! Sorry, I totally geeked out there.
So the house will have two HoHs each week and both of them will make two nominations. There will then be a new compeition called “The Battle of the Block”. I really feel this competition will take the place of the veto competition. It is too oddly coincidental that six people played in the veto and now there will be four nominees and two HoHs. So there are your six “veto” players each week. That would mean that the bag of mystery is removed entirely from the game, which is not a bad thing in my opinion. Whoever wins this competition could possibly get the option to change one of the nominations on one of the teams and then pick the replacement nominee, with the HoH as an option to be nominated. This would definitely help to curb throwing competitions because your rear end could be going up on the block. With the HoH no longer being safe they will probably switch teams and be allowed to compete in the HoH every week. That would be incredible! I certainly hope that happens.
So what does this all mean? It means one crazy summer for sure! HoH is still worth winning because you still get power, it just means that you have to really increase your social game because those alliances are more important than ever to keep you safe. There is also a strategic component to winning HoH if you switch teams afterwards, because then you may have to switch teams to try and nominate someone from the opposing team or possibly you just want to switch teams to avoid nominations from someone on your team. A hypothetical exmaple of this would be, if this twist were in effect for my season, I could have won HoH to swtich to the team that Russell was not on so he couldn’t nominate me. If America gets to decide the teams each week or swap out players that becomes A LOT more complicated. There is A LOT of potential with this twist. This is also a twist that could go for a long team too. Well, I hope you enjoyed my thoughts on the possible scenarios with these twists. Missy asked me to write them and send them to her. Who knows how this will all play out, we won’t find out until next Wednesday. One thing I do know for sure is that I will be watching and glued to the TV like you guys.

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