McCrae’s game is totally SCREWED!

bb15 ginamarie amanda mccrae

Wednesday…..Eviction Eve ~ Tensions are HIGH!!  The shouting match between Amanda & Gina Marie was hillarious….catch it on 9/5/13 at 9:20pm BB Time ~ All Cams….Gina Marie pulls out all the stops – – –  pregnancy…yeast infections…boobies on tv…whoring around….etc. etc….Finally, Amanda cracks and of course starts to cry (with no tears) and climbs back into her bed with her security blanket again.  Next before I knew it, McCrae was getting chewed out by Amanda too….because he just sat there and let Gina Marie talk to her like that.  She wanted to know if that’s how he is in the real world too?   Where is Spencer, Judd, Andy & Elissa you ask?  Elissa is sleeping (or trying to) and the boys are trying hard Not to laugh at them but are caught by Amanda anyway.  When everything was said and done, Gina Marie (being the bigger person) went to Amanda and apologized saying her foot hurts and it’s time for her period (blah, blah, blah) and still gives her and McCrae her HOH Room for the night!!  Ain’t that sumthin????

I hate to say it, but McCrae’s game is totally screwed….they waited too late to break them up and I’ll be totally surprised if somehow, someway he is able to turn his game around.  Sadly, I also think Gina Marie  & Elissa’s days are numbered too since Spencer, Judd & Andy have been seen scheming in the cockpit.

In other news, Gina Marie manipulated Elissa  into doing her hair for her again….and they talk game as well.  Problem is….Gina Marie is part of the exterminator’s and her mind is dead set against any other avenue.  Shortly after her salon time, Gina Marie and the boys all have their nightly meeting  just to be sure they are All still on the same page….I can’t wait for the live show tonight, can you??


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