Mean Girls & Douchebags

big brother 15 mean girls

This must be the season of the Mean Girls & Douchebags!

My goodness, I have never seen so many people spewing such ugly, mean, vile things about others in that house. Every season there are always one or two that are the “mean girl” types, but this season by far is the worst yet for being outright mean and cruel behind people’s backs! And it’s not just the girls! Yea, you read that right! We have outright “mean boys” in the house this year as well! I have NEVER in my life heard such mean comments come from any man until last night on feeds!

Ok, so onto specifics, well, I am not going to repeat most of what I heard because it is just THAT bad, but what I will do is break it all down for you as to who said what type of insult, so here goes…

  • Aaryn – Outright racist comments, gay slurs, and constantly talking bad about other HG’s.
  • David – One slight racist comment
  • GinaMarie – One very racist comment & made “asian” eyes at Helen
  • Jeremy – Crude (very demeaning) comments about Elissa & her hubby
  • Kaitlyn – Slipped the “n” word ending in “a” (not about or to anyone & felt terrible about the slip)
  • Spencer – Very bad comment about Andy being gay.

None of these were to anyone’s faces and Aaryn and Jeremy seem to be the worst! Aaryn can’t seem to stop talking terrible things about everyone and Jeremy went off for at least a good 10 minute tirade spewing the most vile and ugly meanness he could think of about Elissa. Alright, I will spill it, but warning, there is an ugly word coming… he said he would love to shit on her face! And that is not all, it went on and on about her and her husband about how ugly she is! It was all just so wrong!

We are all fans of this show because it is a great game and social experiment, but these punks this year are pushing the envelope in a way that nobody appreciates or likes to watch at all! It is so unbecoming and hard to watch, BUT, this is Big Brother right? Karma LIVES in the Big Brother house and we can all rest assured that these young folks will regret every word they spew when they get out and face the masses!

So, chin up everyone! They will pay dearly with future job losses and the like, because it will most likely follow them as long as the internet exists and they will learn a hard life lesson when the real “reality” slaps them in the face after the show! So, in the meantime, America has some power this season and we have a vote, so show your dislike for their behaviors and comments all you want with who you vote for MVP each week and just hopefully these dirt bags won’t last long! And I can assure you, the other HG’s are already sick to death of Aaryn and Jeremy because their ugly mouth’s are hard to live with and they are sick of hearing it as well!!! Oh and Jeremy went off on the whole house last night as well over alcohol, so yea, those two especially are making enemies fast and can’t go out the door quick enough! #ThankYouKarma

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